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Thread: Body Pins drive me nuts>>Cruiser Kit

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    Default Body Pins drive me nuts>>Cruiser Kit

    I have the toughest time with the body pin locations on the cruiser. Particularly the rear ones. I actually groan about taking this truck out, just because it will take me 10minutes to jam my hand in there and deal with body pins.

    Anyone do a mod that works to improve this yet?

    I already substituted thinner gauge body pins and added rubber pulls to the pins. It's still a super pain. Particularly if the lighting level is dark and I can't see the pinhole in the body post hidden behind the body.

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    Hey man, yeah that's an issue with the Cruiser that I've also encountered. Now I leave the body pins in place, and do the "screw in / screw out" thing with mine. That's a lot quicker.

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    I had the same problem too. Here's my solution that allows the body to be removed and installed in seconds. (I think if you click on the pictures they will get larger.)

    This is my completed Cruiser with the body mounted.
    Cruiser 1.jpg Cruiser 2.jpg

    Here's the chassis without the body on. Note that I have rock sliders installed and that makes my method of attachment workable. Notice the two O-rings on the rear body post mounts (circled in red). These O-rings are "rolled" into postion over the posts to secure the body. This method can be used on the front too but since I installed front fenders they limit access, so I only use the rear ones to secure the body. That has worked just fine for me.
    Cruiser 3.jpg Cruiser 4.jpg

    These two pictures are close-ups showing the O-ring "rolled" over the post and securing the body down (circled in red). "Rolling" the O-ring on and off the post can be done by feel and is very fast; no need to pick up the truck, use any tools, or curse while messing with those pins. Chose an O-ring size that provides a good tight fit but not so tight as to cause you to start fighting the O-ring as you can't get it over the post.
    Cruiser 5.jpg Cruiser 6.jpg

    Hope this helps.

    Love this truck! Have fun with yours and show us some pictures.


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