Worked on a few items this past weekend. I added some RC4WD Tough Armor Side Slider for G2 Cruiser, and worked on waterproofing the BEC.

Here is the BEC propped up waiting for the liquid tape to dry. I take a kid's medicine syringe you get at the local pharmacy (they are free if you ask for them), and pull in some liquid electrical tape, and then fill the void in the BEC from both ends. It takes a few tries to get all the air out and the void full of liquid tape. I have tried removing the blue heat shrink cover and painting them, then adding new heat shrink, but that is more work and material than this method. I've used this method the past few year with no failures. *Knock on wood*

I need to add decals, cut/paint/install the inner fenders, and place electronics, then this one should be good to go.