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Thread: Rc4wd G2 - Cruiser, with Leaf spring conversion Kit

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    Default Rc4wd G2 - Cruiser, with Leaf spring conversion Kit

    Hi all

    There was a really bad weather last WE, so i had decided to start to work on this mythic body.

    It's a nice box.

    The notice looks as a magazine, and, surprise, an "Assembly Combo Pack" is included with shocks oil, grease and thread lock !
    Very Cool.

    The notice have big pictures for people who have tired eyes after spending few times on mounting.

    Different chassis bags :

    As usual, axle, transfer case and transmission are mount.
    But also wheels and schocks.
    We can notice a new RC'WD logo on the frames :

    Under these bags, another box for the body :

    It's big.

    Inside, another notice and cool stickers

    But first at all, i want to build the chassis.

    This kit has made me drool since it came out in 2015, but my religion forbade me to ride this truck on links.
    Of course, adaptations are possible, but other project took place all the time.
    Until rc4WD release a leaf convertion kit for G2 LWB and SWB few times ago.

    But before, time to unmount to check and grease :

    I like this big 32p pinions.
    I add my copper paste :

    The same with the R3 transmission :

    I choose to pass directly the leafs under the axle.
    I use the pardonmynoobs BJ's method by creating a flat surface.
    Usually i use a leaf spring helper instead of limer.

    The lower leaf on the picture is the one you get in the kit. They are shorter than a "classic" Leaf, they come from a Tf2 SWB.

    I also directly install XVD axle to handle my 3S power driving !

    The skid was swapped for a Delrin "Low Profile" skid for the leaf version of the G2.

    A bit better !

    Let's start to assemble everything :

    The leafs are mount using spring holder and 8 degree shims.

    In install the axle and replace the stock driveshaft by Rc4wd Punisher V3

    But there is a problem with the front driveshaft on the chassis. It touch the spur gear of the transmission.

    I tried with the SDI driveshaft, one of the thinner in my knowledge. But that not solved the problem.
    I need to have axle with left axle output. I tried to return my axle as i do in the past with the Yota 1st generation but with no succes.
    Then looking around me after this kind of axle, i saw the K44cnc from the Bronco, the only one i have with this output setup. Never mind, the Bronco will run as well with Cast K44 and right axle output.

    And finally, Victory !

    Now, we can contemplate a cool low chassis

    I see for the first time a no head screws to hold the hex on the axle (pick from Yota II). I really appreciate it, it's very comfortable during the build, and safer on the trail.

    There is a new system to set the body on the ch‚ssis using a part who stay screwed on the main body.

    And when in place you use clips to hold it.

    You can also chose to let the clips on the chassis and unscrew the four screws from the body as usual.

    Soon !!!! we gonna finally can have some pictures of the body mounted:

    I'm very happy with the result.
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    looking very good

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    What's up with the Cruiser ?

    I had want to look after my wheels.
    I use MT Baja MTZ 1.9 tires, i personally love this tire... they will be mount on 1.9. landies.
    I know that this tires are really soft and my Cruiser will be very heavy, so let's have a test on the trendy Crazy Crawleur foams.
    You can find in this table board many size of foams for many tires :

    All Crazy Crawleur foams are cut in star, i chosen a middle density (Heavy Duty).

    But we can see that the new foams are wider than the original Rc4wd foams. The tires not fit very well the beadlock wheel and looks balloon in shape.

    No panic, i put the foam into the freezer to get them a bit harder
    The right knife is the one for Bread. Just need to go slowly, straight, without forcing !

    Then i spray some layers of Yellow Mustard paint from Tamiya (PS-56).

    Some masking...

    I want to paint my grille in white as my roof.

    I saw some videos on the RC4WD youtube channel. One video is talking about adding more scale details to the Blazer front grill.
    One tips was to put some paste on the lens for masking. The goal is to let them in chrome for the lights for more efficiency.
    I found that smart and we'll see that it's work nicely !

    A begining of dashboard :

    The original for reference :

    So let's try to be closer from the original :

    We also can see the the result of the grille after painting.

    I use some thermal jacket to improve the look of the steering column and replace it in the middle :

    the door interior :

    So it's what it look like for now :

    Everything is not attach properly for the moment, but we have a good preview how it will turn.
    Tt the end i will apply an heavily weathering....

    I' making also the wipers motor cover :

    More is coming, stay tuned
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    Teddy, very nice work! That last mock-up pic looks awesome

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