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    Let's get another one started...

    Where in the heck did "FRANKENGREEN" come from? You probably get the green reference, but franken?

    This rig is built from a gathering of parts from various places much like Victor Frankenstein did when he tried to replicate the giant man he chased in the wilderness. Read the story, if you haven't, and you will know it didn't go as he planned. I thought, as I planned this build, that it would be like Frankenstein, in some ways, like using parts I had lying around, and purchasing others. However, I hope this rig does work out as I expect.

    Then I played with the pronunciation, changing the word to Frankensteen, then to Franks N Beans (remember Warren in There's Something About Mary).

    From there, I arrived at FRANKENGREEN. I liked it; so, it stuck. It's quirky, but fun.

    __________________________________________________ ________________________________________

    Now that is out of the way, let's get on to the build.

    I pondered several options for my Class 2 rig for 2018. Do I chase points to the max or focus on driving better, or both? The best answer is both, max points and drive better. The question is can you still finish on the podium and not have max scale points? Can a rig with max scale points perform at a high level. Of course they can. I've seen it several times. But, I didn't want to invest a lot of time or money into either max points or better equipment. So, I compromised.

    Lexan bodies have their advantages, and a lot of scale points is not what they are known for, but I ultimately chose Lexan over a hardbody because it's just easier. I had planned on doing a custom Jeep JK hardbody, but I didn't want to spend the time to do it right; so, I dug in the spare parts bin and got a green Deadbolt body out. I needed to paint the underside to prevent a glow from the sun because the paint is thin on these bodies. First a coat of white, then backed with black.

    I already had the chassis (from plan B) and had several extra links and rod ends in the spare parts bin, along with some RC4WD scale shocks (from agent ORANGE). With larger tires (from agent ORANGE, along with the wheels) the servo needed a little more torque; so, I dug in the spare electronics box and found a new Hitec HS-7954SH. One of the things I wanted to upgrade was the axles because the stock SCX10 axles didn't allow enough steering with the plastic bits and dog-bones.

    Luckily, RC4WD ran a great sale during the holidays on the D44 Metal axles and I grabbed a set of the RC4WD D44 Narrow Front Axle (SCX10 Width) and the RC4WD D44 Narrow Rear Axle (SCX10 Width). Once they were delivered at HQ, I checked all the screws, added some grub screws in the open holes, and added some grease to the gears. I used some RC4WD Red Lubrication for Transmission & Axles.

    After that, I got them installed on the chassis.

    I think they have better steering than stock...

    Another thing that I had on the list is better weight distribution. So, I managed to snag a Toyzuki forward motor mount in aluminum from a friend in our local club.

    Some of you may remember a build I did a few years back, shape-shifter, and that I added a spare tire to the rear cage. I decided to do the same here to get those extra scale points. I'll go into how to do that in another post.

    Just so happened that I had used the head/helmet off this body for a driver in the plan B red body; so, I had to paint another for this rig.

    That gets you caught up to my progress. I am still waiting on parts -- bumpers, sliders, steering links, scale accessories. I have the CMS kit at the HQ, but need to install it (it requires some drilling). I also need to get the electronics back in place. The list is long, and the time is short. First comp is January 27th.

    Stay tuned...
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    The name fits

    Be interesting to see how this one rock and rolls. Good to see Plan B back in the game too!

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