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Thread: Ax10 axle v.s T-rex 60

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaser View Post
    ok cool will have a look
    are they coming up with a better fix for this?
    We are working on it. There was a problem with the last manufacture so other measures are being taken to sort out the problem. Try to be patient guys. I know its frustrating.

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    thanks for telling me of the promlem
    i dont feel quite as bad now
    i couldnt beleave what i was doing hurt the car
    i will wait thanks for the replacement till the better one arrive

    cheers guys for being on top of it

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    Default t-rex 60

    i have a trail finder rtr with t-rex 60 plastic axles have had few problems with housing. but the pinion gear fold over any help.

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    Hey, sorry to resurrect this old thread...are the plastic axles I see on the site the ones that keep breaking... Cause I just ran my timberwolf for the first time this past weekend and after my first 30 min crawl... The front axles are chipped and busted up so bad the screws won't even hold it together any longer. Yes, I was taking it slow...but did hit a few rocks. I ordered a new pair but that was before reading this thread. I'm just wondering if the plastic has been improved or am I justs going to run into the same problems again?

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