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Thread: The Beast 6x6

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    Quote Originally Posted by sprinkteacher View Post
    My Beast came with a bent frame, a broken rear drive shaft and after one test run the motor burned up and the front axles broke. I put Punisher driveshafts on it, replaced the motor with a 55 turn Novak model, straightened the frame by hand, replaced both front axle shafts and added 490 oz/in JR servos. NOW it is worthy of the name "Beast". The guys at RC4WD did right by me in replacing the front axle shafts.
    I just bought a used 6x6 and I think it was yours, It's supposedly shipping today.

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    Hey man I just picked one up a month ago and broke two plastic punisher driveshafts and burned up my motor on the first test run out. Couldn't believe it so Ive ordered new full metal punisher shafts and a 55turn Novak as suggested. Also replaced servos as well just like sprinkteacher did!!! Hopefully no issues after that! Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated!

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