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  • Wolvies Bully Build.

    This is a summary of my build which has appeared on another forum, so some of you may have seen it already.

    Just an out of the box RC4WD Bully...

    At the moment it has two Novak 55T motors with stock Bully pinions, an ACE 1015DS high torque servo fitted with a Castle Creations Mamba Max and 10Amp BEC waiting in the sidelines.
    The axles have been stripped, greased and rebuilt and threadlocked.
    The slim RC4WD shocks are pencilled in to be replaced (as they seem a bit too stiff) with Losi Comp shocks but for now the shafts were polished with T-Cut to give a smoother operation. I've been told red or black Tamiya o-rings do not cling to the shafts as easily as the softer stock items.
    The links have been tweaked and adjusted to stop the binding that was occuring with the out-of-the-box rig.

    Decided to ditch the thick perspex gear covers in favour of a slimmer design. I saw someone on another forum use a piece of lexan. I thought it'd be too flimsy so I used a piece of lexan with an aluminium frame. I just had to shorten one of the stock screws as I had no small washers.
    Plenty of clearance for my new shocks now! These RC4WD shocks will look good on my Wolverine scale tuber!

    Not decided on switches yet, but the Proline 'Progress' shell and Losi shocks arrived from GB Models, along with a borrowed LiPo RX battery to get an idea of the size...
    Gotta get one of these batteries! It's the size of a matchbox and is over 2000mAh (can't remember exactly!)
    Made myself a tray bolted to the existing axle holes. The button heads are sunk into the plate so I can add velcro and one of the kit supplied battery straps between the axle and tray to hold the battery secure.

    Plenty of clearance on the Losi shocks which are twice as wide as the RC4WD ones from the Bully kit, full steering lock may be a problem.

    Moved the top links inside.
    Also added 3oz to each front wheel as a starting point. Need to get it running to guage performance and balance.
    Very pleased with how it's going at the moment, the initial disappointment with the binding is forgotten!
    Here's where I'm up to with my first comp crawler...
    I have layed the shocks down a bit more, but I plan on stripping them down and trying some 40w instead of the 30w oil and will probably fit them upside down too.

    The nice Reedy #631 RX Battery 2100mAh 7.4V LiPo to go with my nice charger/balancer - all from GB Models. (No idea how many cells it is - new to this LiPo lark!) Just need to fit a deans connector.

    ...and here's this weekends homework...

    As I always do, I rushed the paint job and didn't use the proper masking materials! Stuff'll have to do. It looks OK from a distance!
    So in goes the 40w shock oil and what a difference it makes!
    These are not pose shots - I drove over and around my rock pile trying new lines and it just went for it. Then again, it's different terrain and a different atmosphere at a comp, so I'll practice a bit more and then see how she handles next time.
    LiPo fitted with deans and charged.

    Removed one beadlock screw from the inside edge of each wheel before todays comp. The combination of lowered CoG, weighted front wheels, 2 stage foam and a breathing hole has definately improved my chances of clearing gates more often!
    Ok first comp with the Bully...was in rear wheel drive only for the latter half of course one...
    Note to self - ensure you properly threadlock pinion grub screws. Ya prat.

    Bit of a comp prep day today. Did my son George's Axial based truck then sorted mine.
    Removed rear lower links and cut 6mm off each to shorten wheelbase it was borderline at the last comp! ops:
    Added spacers to front and rear top links to clock axles slightly. The 6mm off the lower rears helps too.
    I made a lexan tray and zip tied it to the front upper links, then velcro'd the spektrum receiver to it. It's spent so much time on it's roof lately it's gonna get damaged, so I had to move it out of harms way.
    Tightened up the brush protectors, made by a crawling buddy of mine!
    Still need to check the rear motor pinion'll be alright...won't it?
    Oh yes almost a second set of Bully rims with 2 stage foams and Panther Cougar tyres just in case its wet. The XLocks suffer in the rain! I'm hoping the Panthers will be better in the UK weather.

    I've had some pretty tough rollovers and all that broke were the body mounts! Not the kit ones - I needed some longer ones to fit the Crowd Pleazer. The Bully's are tough...I did bend the upper steering arm. Glad I used a plastic servo arm otherwise the servo could have been damaged too.
    I've read most of the Bully builds on a few forums and the bending of servo arms is a problem.

    It can be fixed by either raising the servo or turning it facing down. I'm going with the latter, purely cos the weight will be lower. I have ordered one of Xirtic's Bully Inverted steering plates from the states to get it tucked in out of the way.

    Decided to fit the Panther's bound to be wet for the next comp, plus they have a smaller diameter than the XLocks and so lower the whole rig! :wink:

    Fitted it, and managed to knock up a smaller steering rod, but may change the steering rods at some point - not happy with the one from the
    servo going below the knuckle!

    Before fitment of Xirtic's kit...

    ...after fitting the kit...

    In an effort to get a bit more steering, I needed to lay the shocks more upright, but if I did that I'd be back where I started with a high CoG.
    I needed to shorten the shocks....
    Before I started I checked how much of the shafts were visible at full articulation...plenty. So 10mm of the supplied silicone tube under each piston should do.

    Filled the shocks with 40w oil as before, they seem fine with that, and bled them so they all felt the same, had to bleed one again - always a pain but it's worth doing right.

    Then I decided to fit them upside down. Two reasons for doing that - one to try and stop them leaking (but to be honest they weren't that tight when I started to strip them down!) and two, to get the weight at the bottom!

    Now I need to get one of the Alloy servo horns from GB Models so I can improve the steering throw.
    Oh and tyres...I like the HB Rovers - they are proven to be one of the best...but those damn Panther Leopards keep calling!

    Finally got the servo plate and push rod /steering arm's sorted, I was that happy with it, I decided to cut down the original RC4WD push rod - no going back now!
    With the servo upside down I've had to trim the front grill off the Crowd Pleazer body, it still hits the body on articulation now but it's flexible enough to move. Very pleased with this servo plate. If you have a Bully you gotta get one!


    Got these from GB Models. The DX3E was a doddle to bind and set up. Works well. Amazing quality for a cheap price.
    The lovely machined alloy RC4WD axle parts will be a job for the weekend me thinks.
    I'll weigh everything to show the weight difference for those that don't know.
    I reckon with these parts on the back axle, I can remove all the weight from the rears and a few ounces from the front axle, which is good! - Run by Crawlers for Crawlers!

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    I like your pinion gear cover.
    Paint job came out sweet.
    .I got to limit my shocks a little too.
    RC4WD Team Driver


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      Only fitted the rear gearbox halves and axle tubes today...removed the old parts and weighed them...
      12 5/8 ounces or 359 grammes cast parts
      5 1/4 ounces or 152 grammes machined parts
      Thats just over 7 ounces off the rear already!
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        I saw someone else on RCCrawler do this cool little mod... I removed the rear axle, and took out the three gears, they weigh 3 5/8oz or 105g, marked out eight holes in each gear clamped them in the drill press vice and drilled away - plenty of cutting fluid and a touch of dremelling to remove any burrs and here we go...

        The weight of them now is 3oz or 86g, not that much of a saving but I could have drilled larger holes in the gear at the back of the first pic but the good drill bits I had were too big. Should be easy to redrill and try to lose an ounce overall.
        With the lightweight axle parts, I've saved 226g, just under 8oz!
        Moved the lower links inboard, but it just caused too much binding and with a comp this weekend decided to put them as they were for now. HB Sedonas from TCS should be here soon!
        Also checked and topped up the oil in my Losi Crawler shocks - why is it so hard for these companies to make shocks that don't leak? How are people finding the RC4WD 'Sparks' shocks?
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          Had one of these lying around...

 I decided to move the battery onto the extended skid and the Mamba Max onto the rear axle, but I need something to protect it from the's perfect! Two of the holes even lined up with the Bully axle holes!

          I took the whole thing apart again and again shaving more off the chassis halves and moving link positions until I was happy. After these pics were taken I stripped it again and shaved another 0.5mm off each half.

          The shocks have been rebuilt, tried them full length but thought them best, shortened by 10mm and still using 40w oil, resoldered the motor wires so they come from the motor at a right angle - so they don't touch the delrin bent links. Used industrial Velcro to fix the battery and RX in place, tidied the wiring up a bit and managed to fit the old Crowd Pleazer shell using two side mounts and a roof mount...

          Flex is great, really liking the 'feel' of it. I just need to loctite nuts into place, refit my can protectors and cable tie a few wires to upperlinks.
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            I have now gone from 2S to 3S Lipo in the form of Holmes Hobbies 25c 1300mAh packs thanks to a buddy having spares. I can't believe the difference! With my 1:1 car being unreliable, and due to be replaced in October, hopefully I'm going get back into the comp side of things to really test it out!
            New website to promote...

            3S Lipo nicely in place...

            ...and this is the steering throw the combination of Panther Leopards and torsion chassis give me...

            ...need a tad more offset before grinding knuckles etc. I might try different wheels, but I like the standard Bully wheels as I have two sets with tyres mounted up, so I can change from Leopards to Sedonas quickly to suit terrain.
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              Hey Wolve,

              it's getting better and better, 3s and the knuckle update will help a lot.

              Greetings Frank

              BTW, i subscribed at your new site.
              Wanna be a rock star

              the gentlemen of rock


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                Thanks Dr.Frank!
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                  Wolvies Bully MKIII

                  Didn't want to go the bodyless route, but Dickie - a UK member of got me keen to get fabricating again. So an hour or so later...

                  If you can't beat 'em - at least try to keep up![]
                  Big 'thanks' to Dickie for the 'AIR_Bully' chassis drawings! I know it looks like a YTC beetlejuice but Dickie designed this for the Bully from just pictures of the BJ.

                  Stripped an M3 thread in the knuckle while upgrading the standard bushes to 3x6 flanged bearings, so had to drill and tap them all out to M4 and replace the bushes with 4x8x3 Flanged Bearings (MF84zz) from smooth as silk and no steering slop now!

                  Ground down the edges of the gearbox 'diff' and edges of the axle tubes on the front axle.

                  I also got the hacksaw onto the top of the gearbox, didn't need to, just decided to do it after seeing it on

                  I'm waiting for 2 packs of Losi Part# LOSA6011 17 Degree Bent Rod Ends.
                  Then just gotta re-route and solder up the wiring with the Mamba ESC, Castle BEC and the Punk Dig replacing the old (but have to say reliable) Mechanical Dig I made, with Deans connectors. Fitted softer Losi Gold springs to the front.
                  More pics to come when the rain stops!
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                    A bit of perspex would have been too easy...!

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                      Couple of pose shots, almost done...just tweaking to do...

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                        great workmanship, looks very good. Let us know how the sweety does with the new chassis.

                        Greetings Frank
                        Wanna be a rock star

                        the gentlemen of rock


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                          Clocked the axles the other day, ground out the axle tubes and knuckles for when I eventually buy myself some v6 XVD's.
                          Fitted the servo and new mount today after the obligatory visit to 'Mom' this morning!
                          Very happy with how it all fits, also filed and drilled the upper link mount to give me more options. Just need more time to fit the axle to the rig...
                          Thanks to 8-454 (from and Krakker for modding inspiration! "thumbsup"

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                            All back together again.

                            Just to recap...
                            Lightweight rear axle and gearbox, cast front.
                            Gears drilled and lightened (rear only).
                            Homemade bodyless chassis, skid and panels.
                            Punk dig.
                            Mamba Max.
                            3S LiPo.
                            55t Novak motors.
                            High clearance Delrin links.
                            Axles clocked.
                            Castle BEC (6V).
                            DS1015 Servo fitted between motor and axletube.
                            M4 bolt and flanged bearing knuckle mod.
                            Steering knuckles, axle tubes and XVD cup ground for a little more steering.
                            Upper front link mount changed to lower hole, lower link and shock mount bracket flipped.
                            Just need to test it all somewhere more challenging than the rockery...

                            I need two 45t Holmes Hobbies motors and the v6 XVD's, maybe some wide offset wheels and I'll be a happy man!
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                              Looking really nice.