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    Grr, to bad.I can't go.. Really want to drive now. Even more then last year. Just to defend the sport class

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    2.2 Sportsman Champ Supercrawl 2013


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      Congrats with yet another international victory Samu, you and the rig work great together :-)

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        Well done Samu!
        I wish you luck @ Nordics next weekend!

        Thanks for coming and sharing the goodtimes with us!

        CU Florian
        In the end though, it all comes down to stick time...


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          Koppensneller - Spanish National Champion 2014

          Koppensneller - German National Champion 2014

          Koppensneller - Scandinavian Champion 2014

          Couple of adds from past two weeks! Finally I was able to catch the Nordics first place in 2.2 Pro! Have been trying to get that for five years now.


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            Very cool, great job, you are killing it over there
            SARCCA club president[/CENTER]


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              Bad ass rig and an great driver, it was pure entertaining to see your finale driving !
              Once again congrats Samu !


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                Thanks guys!


                Here is the finals course from The Nordics!


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                  Sneek peak from Supercrawl vids, which are coming on this week!


                  Nobody cheers like AMOK from Germany!


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                    So, finally updating the thread after the Supercrawl and Nordics. I'm really sorry that it has taken so long. Just working my ass off right now to earn the holidays in september.

                    I'm extremely happy that I made the trip to German Supercrawl. It was cool to see friends from europe after one year.

                    Let's start with the video corner:

                    Course 1 - I'm happy with the starting course of the day. Two reverses on this relatively easy course.

                    Course 2 - This was far from "easy" course. Start was tight and I almost hit the gate 2 two times. Then I took a tactical gate on four, but the climb to gate five took ages... When I finally got up from gate five, everything went smooth to the end. A little hurry, but there was no problems, I had one second left. As far as I know I was the only one to clear this course.

                    Course 3 - The toughest course of the comp. Nobody made it. Time was set to eight minutes, but still I runned out. My battery was empty when I tried to climb really very "grippy" gate nine. So that was it. Up to there I'm happy on the performance.

                    Course 4 - In this course there was some illegal gates. They were too tight IMHO. I'm not really happy about this course either. Didn't have time or the points to finish it. Could've gone better than that.

                    Course 5 - This was too quite hard to drive. Gate three was simply way too hard with narrow tires. So I rode it over. Gate nine was too dirty for me to pass without a gate. But at least I made it!

                    Course 6 - After lunch break the drivers wanted easier courses, than in the morning. These were luckily a lot easier. Clean run with excellent cheering by Amok!

                    Course 7 - Another clean run for this day. I really liked this one!

                    Course 8 - I don't have video of it. This course was again harder and I took three gates and some reverses. Two of the gates were by mistake, and I was furious to myself after this course.

                    Course 9 - Sunday's first course. Quite easy one. I took one gate on gate seven. The rear end just slided onto it. Other than that, this course went really well.

                    Course 10 - In this course I realized that my front shafts had worn out, and I had to limit the steering so it wont jam when I turn. Too bad... Because of that I had to do couple of extra reverses.

                    Final course - I was the first one to drive the shootout finals course. I had one gate, five if I remember right. It just didn't turn between the markers and I decided to save time and run it over. Few reverses and to finish line, and I was happy about the performance. Then I just had to wait and see, what the other guys can do. The french guys drove awesome and we had only few points of difference on the podium! Excellent finals course!

                    Points before the finals! I was amazed to see the difference! But it didn't matter cause the points would start from zero again.

                    Starting the finals!

                    Tricky gate, where everybody got stuck like that, before the rig jumped to the right and got up.

                    Downhill with boundary underneeth.

                    1.Me 2.David 3.Pat. Really high level comp this year as well in Germany!

                    Rig feels awesome to drive. Only thing I will change at some point is that I need wider front tires.

                    Time for the Nordics!!

                    In rust we trust!

                    Finals course gate two.

                    Finnish summer. You never know what to expect.

           Course - First course on familiar ground! Course went well until I hit the gate four. Stupid lines to it one after another. There I did loose ten points already. And it's a lot in a comp leveled as high as this...

                    Krawler Konceptz Course - From this course my driving improved rapidly. Clean run tasted good!

                    Team Ottsix Course - I was nervous because of this course. It looked much harder than it really was. All in all, good run. Only gate I rode over was the gate four, where wise man would've made one reverse and drove through.

                    Nordic Crawler Designs Course - In this course my only goal was to make in clean. Driving was confident enough, and I was able to drive it without mistakes. I had a quite good qualification, and was about to start the finals on second position eleven points behind the leader.

                    RC4WD Finals course - Really tough one for sure! Gates looked almost impossible on the preview, but I decided that my only goal is to finish it. Start was slow but steady. I hit the gate four. Then drove five and six and on the way to riding over gate seven I did hit the gate three, so I didn't have too many points left or time for that matter. But I made it and passed the leader by only few points! I was amazed to hear that I've finally won the Nordic Championships in 2.2 Pro!!

                    1.Me 2.Manu 3.Samuli. Really tight fight between Manu the whole day!

                    Whole results!

                    Now I have won every comp class in The Nordics! This could not end better!

                    HUGE THANKS TO SPONSORS for making my dreams come true!

                    Nordic Crawler Designs
                    Team Brood Racing

                    So after these comps I have trained a lot and made some adjustments to the suspension. I'll explain all that later. Next comp will be 12.7. in Kotka. Next comp of the Finnish RC Crawling Series. It's going to be exciting to drive against LaaLaa again!


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                      On saturday we continued with the Finnish RC Crawling Series Comp number three.

                      There was only a couple of pics from this comp. This is from course two. It was long but fun course to drive.

                      Rig is working excellent now that I have done the shock cap mod to the SCX10 shocks.

                      Another victory with a clear marginal to the second!

                      Just too bad, that there were only so few drivers on the comp. LaaLaa could not make it to this either. Hopefully he'll be on the next comp, since there's only two comps before the big one left.

                      Always happy about the help from the sponsors!

                      Here is a clip from course five, which went really good alltogether!

                      So two more comps and then the Nationals. Those two comps are Finnish National Series Comps both. Slowly getting to the Nationals shape I think. I need to take a look to my axles next and maybe do some service to them.


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                        Time for the second to last update before the Worlds!

                        Fourth finnish national series comp behind in Rauma. Plenty of good courses on saturday!

                        Some pics from course two. Tricky gate two.

                        Up from there and straight for the bonus gates!

                        The hardest part of the course. Gate five.

                        I managed to turn it around in small area with just three reverses.

                        Going to gate six.

                        One more shot from course four.

                        Here is course three on video. Lots of new stuff was tested on this course. Included some tricky boundaries for example. It went really well!

                        And another victory with this awesome rig! I loaned this to my brother and he came third! It's just awesome, instantly he decided to go for the pro class as well.

                        The results. Shame that LaaLaa could not make it to this comp either. I'm crossing my fingers, that he would be able to drive againts all of us in the last comp before the Worlds just after four weeks. Hopefully this will happen.

                        And couple of words of the axles. These have been working flawless throughout the season. Some of guys have had broblems with the bearings and gears, but I've driven the original ones for all season without problems. And I have given hell to them. Only issues are the front shafts. But cure is on the way.


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                          Now I have returned from the last comp of Finnish National Crawling Series 2014. Before the comp some updates arrived from Oregon and Utah.

                          E.Y. Designs narrowed Voodoos and Dlux CF wheels!

                          Sweet rims to sweet rig.

                          I wanted to go with someting little wider in front and narrow in rear. Narrow Voodoos to the front axle with 0.87" wheels in it. And ultra narrow Voodoos to the rear with 0.72" wide wheel.

                          Three sets glued!

                          This is how it looks now!

                          The difference between these and Skinny Rovers is that, I've got more ground clearance now. And the space between inner sides of the tires is more narrow. Which meant, that my knuckle weights are now hiding in the rim and it wont get stuck so easily from the front axle.

                          Some comparation. I use SLW 225 hubs in the rear and SLW 475 hubs on front. Seems to be the perfect setup at the moment.

                          And now to the competition. Morning started cloudy, but luckily we didn't have any rain in whole day!

                          The next pics are filmed by Mika. Big thanks to him!

                          These are from course one.

                          Here is course two with the repeat bonus option.

                          Making those Stubbies sing!

                          Took all nine bonuses. But after clearing gate nine, the battery went empty. Luckily I got time to change it on course.

                          Here is a pic from the difficult course three.

                          And this is from the last course. It was a really tricky gate. Slippery as ice, and I just had to make it with full throttle.


                          Gotta say, that those Voodoos gripped really well!

                          Here is my performance from course one. Perfect score!

                          And here are the results. Quite pleased with those of course.

                          Fourth victory in our five comp series. LaaLaa took the one, that was my worst.

                          Despite that, I was crowned a Finnish Champion second year a row!

                          Good way to end this Finnish Series and move on to the Worlds.

                          Here are the overall results.

                          Rig has worked like a dream, and to be honest it got even better with the Voodoos.

                          Last year in the Nationals I managed only to drive to 30th position, but this year my only goal is to reach out for the finals. It's not easy job to do, but the rig will make it, it's just up to the driver now.
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                            You will be a hard man to beat in the worlds for sure.
                            Rig seams to be killer, hopefully it will hold up with no issues in the worlds.
                            If none of the Norwegians will win I trust you to bring the title back to Europe
                            Good luck man


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                              Originally posted by g-jero View Post
                              You will be a hard man to beat in the worlds for sure.
                              Rig seams to be killer, hopefully it will hold up with no issues in the worlds.
                              If none of the Norwegians will win I trust you to bring the title back to Europe
                              Good luck man
                              Thanks man! I will surely do my best, and doing right that has worked out this year quite well!


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                                Congrats on your 4th at Worlds, you've represented RC4WD really well all season.
                                The 5th Dimension Owner/Driver
                                Team Brood