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    Well done Samu!
    In the end though, it all comes down to stick time...


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      Congrats Samu!


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        Great driving


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          Originally posted by cboggs View Post
          Congrats on your 4th at Worlds, you've represented RC4WD really well all season.
          Thanks Chris! I've had a good year!

          Originally posted by Rockatanski View Post
          Well done Samu!
          Thanks Flo!

          Originally posted by Gerry View Post
          Congrats Samu!
          Thanks Gerry!

          Originally posted by g-jero View Post
          Great driving
          Thank you Geir! The norwegians did well also!

          I made it to the Worlds finals! That was my goal and I was there. Big update with lotsa videos coming once I get some pics of the rig. If anyone has some, shoot me!


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            Still waiting for the pics of the competition. In the mean time I can show you my performaces in the video corner! (I'm just gonna present them at the order I drove them.)

            Castle Course - (-47p)
            Saturdays first course. I decided to run first. Quite odd line to gate two and stupid reverse. Others after me drove it from the left side which would have been way better. Little difficulties running the third bonus gate, but after all I made it. Good enough start for the competition!

            Futaba Course - (-30p)
            This was the course, that I build in the morning. I saw few peoples struggling in there and was quite nervous before my run. Problems started at gate two. My rear suspension wasn't stiff enough to make me go up on that. Every time I tried it just threw me back. I even rolled twice in there. After one and a half minutes of trying I hit the left gate and rode it over. Then there was next problem after gate six. My glasses were full of rain drops and I could not see anything. I had to take them off and drive without them. (Something I have never done before...) Then I drove both bonus gates and was lucky enough to get to the finish line in time. Only one gate as a penalties, so I really can be pleased with that score. And how annoying was that ship horn, which was loud as hell?!

            DCW Course - (-28p)
            Third course. Already on the first gate I almost hit a gate. Luckily not. This was the course, where I spent way too much time on the roof. I tried the first bonus a couple of times, but it went too close from the gate. Second bonus just kept throwing the rig down from the cliff, and then I just had to go and try the third bonus gate. That went well and I thought I will give one more try to the second bonus. Still without a result though. This course could've gone better.

            Lattice Innovations Course - (-37p)
            Really nice looking course I thought. And it was pleasure to drive too. Everything went really well until the second bonus gate, where my rear motor was stuck behind the rock. I had to take few reverses to make it clean. On the final gate the first attempt didn't go too well. I had to take quick reverse to save the rig from hitting the gate. Then on the next try I had only 20 second left, so it was now or never. I floored it and thank god, it went straight thru. Thank you Stubby lord, thank you.

            Krawler Konceptz Course - (-40p)
            So, I had the good mood on after four courses. Finns and the norwegians hit the course five. Krawler Konceptz course. Which was alarmingly close to the sea. It really went all as planned except for the ridicilous speed and line for second bonus gate. That could've ended worse. No mistakes apart from the repo, so I was really happy with this course!

            Notch 8 Course - (-47p)
            The last course for the day. I saved the difficult course as a last course. Only few guys even had finished this course and as I was talking with Manu, Jake and Joel, I knew it would be do or die to get to the finals. So I went for it. Now I really got the sort of driving mood on, that I had in Spain earlier this year. It felt really awesome to drive, when all of the places went straight from the first try. I imagine Manu had this feeling all of the day. Now that I look it on video I can't help to notice, that I hit a gate on the finishing gate. I didn't see it on the comp and nor did the judge. Luck. Gate or no, the result would still have been similiar from the whole comp.

            FINALS!! WOOHOOO!

            Ottsix Finals Course - (-40p)
            At first I would like to say congrats for all of the guys how made it to the finals. Now I know, it's not exactly easy job. You have to take so much risks and practicly try all of the bonuses to get there. I was so thrilled to be part of the top 5! Not so reliefing was to watch Del Monte's -80 point score. That man killed the course, even before I had any meters on it. If I wanted to keep my position, I would have to drive at least -73 points. So I thought lets go for it. First six gates went well and I don't know how I was able to run the gate five so fast. I tried it after the comp and could not get there in that line even after two batteries...? So all of my symphaties are on you Joel. On gate seven I hit a gate, which was really dumb one. Just realiasing the dig and it went straight on it. I tried to climb gate eight and after that the bonus, but the rig rolled over just as I was through gate eight. Then with my luck I reversed straight on the gate. Less than two minutes to go and I went for gate nine. That turned out to be a real pain in the ass. You'de have to get exactly right line to grab the dig on top. I made it after several tries and then went for gate ten to just finish the damn thing. I was quite pissed of the fact, that I was about to loose a position in the finals. That had never happen before. And with a little help from SkalDidog, it didn't happen here either.

            I will tell little bit more of the comp, when I got some photo footage of the rig. Before I quit though, I want to thank un-bolt for spotting me all day long! Thanks dude!
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              Nice writeup Samu. Would have been really nice to comp there ....
              In the end though, it all comes down to stick time...


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                Time to move on from the Worlds. I'm gonna show you some pics from there in the near future. But now update after RFOT's Crawl Cup Comp 5.

                We had a cool scenery in this comp. It was located in Turku. On top of a citys highest point.

                We had four competitors in pro and four in shafty. Cool that the pro class is finally rising in our team as well!

                First course!

                Going for the bonus gates. Of course. Slight changes to the rig before this comp. I put back the SCX shock caps and inserted the blue mini-t springs to the rear shocks. Now the rig seems to be more calm to drive. Need more testing though.

                Feeling quick on the finnish rocks after the Worlds.

                First two courses perfect scores -50 on both. We changed the course design to our comps to match the worlds design. 5min and three -50 point bonuses. It's good way I think!

                Here is photos from the last course.

                Tight spot right there. From the third course I did hit a bonus gate exiting from it. That was the first mistake of the day. Luckily it was -10 bonus, so it's like +-0 then.

                Different type of bonus gate!

                On this last course there was this gate, which turned out to be impossible. I tried three times and at the end had to take one rollover and the lower gate.

                Video from course number two. The gates were really easy, because the course was builted in the morning, when the rocks were damp. It dryed over, so it was just driving after that.

                Here are the results of this comp. Quite happy of my performances.

                Tomorrow we are heading to our southern neighbour country Estonia. Me and my brother will attend to their final comp of the series 2014. The terrain looks really interesting, so I'm already looking forward to it.


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                  I have returned from Estonia. Good trip once again!

                  Sunday morning leaving from home at 4AM. Here we are going to the ferry which would take us to Estonia.

                  Once we had sailed two hours we reached the other side. Weather was good, apparently some sunshine in front!

                  We made the trip to comp site and prepared the rigs for first course.

                  At first the terrain looked really interesting...

                  Then we found the rocks. It would not be an easy day...

                  If the rig starts falling in there, it's going there hard.

                  On the pics these rocks looks small. But they were really fun to drive on.

                  First course! Time to start driving.

                  On two first courses there were still lot's of places, which weren't exactly clean.

                  First course without mistakes, good start!

                  Last three pics filmed by: antix -

                  Then the video corner! And this being a abroad comp, I will show all of my performances!

                  1 rada - (-30/-30)
                  First course. Little bit nervous of the first gate. It was quite narrow, but luckily I have a narrow rig. In the estonian way, they had 10min/course and one bonus, which is -5 points and can be done two times. But you have to drive regular gate in between. So no problems for the time limits for me. With the time stress out of my mind, I could just drive the speed I do when I'm training. First course went perfect, but on the other hand it should, cause the other drivers drove well too.

                  2 rada - (-30/-30)
                  On course two there was few gates, that does not require Voodoos. More like swamppers This course was relatively easy, but there was tricky gate nine with boundary. I had to try to jump the rig on top of the rock. Luckily I have the stubbies still singing.

                  3 rada - (-30/-30)
                  This course was by far the hardest of the day. Here I had to adjust my driving to go slower, than normal. That's because there was many really tricky places. Already the first two gates were really tight. That was the spot where I was the only one to go without gate. Gates three and four were also difficult. I had to go down, when the front wheel rised, but I got a better line from there. Rest of the course went smoothly and I got another perfect score!

                  4 rada (-30/-30)
                  The fourth course looked like it was going to be easiest of the day. After I looked at it, I thought heck, I can do a perfect day. After that thought it was quite clear that I want a perfect run. And several minutes after that, it was done. What a race! The stup is proving to be better with the blue spings on the rear shocks, it feels very stable to drive now.

                  Here are the results. One of the best comps in my life as in terms of driving. After the comp we went straight to the ferry and arrived home on 3AM monday morning. So it was a long day... We will definately go to Estonia next year as well! Thanks to the friendly guys over there.

                  Next comp will be held on saturday and it will be the last comp for this rig in our season. Gotta make most of it! Some rumours are in the air, that LaaLaa might be attending?


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                    Ok folks, finally some updates of the last comp of season 2014. RFOT's Crawl Cup Comp 6 in Lahti.

                    Five drivers listed up to 2.2 Pro. Sadly again, not LaaLaa.

                    Cold day to drive a comp, but since it was the last of the series, we managed.

                    Lahti offered us some great rocks behind old school. Still giving some grip, even though it was really cold out there.

                    And this is a clip from course four. Easy one, if you count off that last bonus I tried a couple of times. Just didn't have the time to make it out clean. That was awesome set of gates.

                    Clear victory from this comp. Course three was a real pain in the ass. First positive score in a loooong time.

                    In the cup results Koppensneller is to be found from the first spot as well. Next year this series should be interesting, since now our club members have pro rigs as well.

                    First season with this rig is now completed.

                    Spanish Champion
                    German Champion
                    Scandinavian Champion
                    Finnish Champion
                    RFOT club champion
                    4th spot in the Worlds

                    All of this means, that I have lots to improve to the next season. More training and some tuning as we head down to 2015. After the season, I'm pleased to say that I have no regrets of jumping to the B2 axles. Rig has been amazing, but now it's time to tune it little bit more to make it even better. No big changes, but now I can say what needs to be better and I can focus on those things.

                    Next year my calendar includes EuroCrawl in France, Nordics in Norway, Worlds somewhere in States, Finnish National series and of course our local series. Lot's of comping to do in next summer as well.

                    After all I want to thank all of the great sponsors for helping me during the season! It definately wouldn't be the same without you!

                    Nordic Crawler Desings
                    Team Brood Racing

                    Stay tuned for winter updates! Our first comp of 2015 will be in the middle of January, so tuning need to be done quickly!


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                      Sadly, because Nordic Crawler Desings is now history, it's not sponsoring me anymore. Nor is EuroRC from Finland. But the good news is, that I have four new ones!

                      Team Ottsix - I want to drive them best crawling tires there is. On all of my rigs! Voodoos!

                      E.Y. Designs - Somebody has to make the hard work of cutting and shutting the awesome tires to my rigs and that would be E.Y. Designs!

                      DravTech - I'm going to get some good old NCD stuff from my friend in Sweden. And of course all the other amazing stuff Dravpnir makes!

                      Krawler Konceptz - Even though they don't take team drivers, I wan't to make sure, where is the best customer service in the whole world! If you need skins, well do I need to say more...

                      Thank you everyone!


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                        Great season for you, looking forward to follow you next year


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                          Originally posted by g-jero View Post
                          Great season for you, looking forward to follow you next year
                          Should be no problems with the right tools you have.


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                            Finally gathered up some pics from the Worlds!

                            Finals starting. What a great course!

                            Pics are from the finals course.

                            In the slippery gates


                            The magic gate five. The hardest of the normal gates.

                            Filmstar Koppensneller!

                            Loosing awfully lot of time on gate nine there...

                            Final results. After three months I'm still happy with the fourth position.

                            Sunday night hangout with everyone on hotel's parking lot

                            ONE MORE ROUND of tequilas!!

                            What a great trip alltogether! Something I will never forget.

                            PICTURES: Steven Kautz


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                              I have new parts rolling in as the first comp of 2015 is getting closer.

                              Some training batteries. Darn, the rig will be broken before all of those are finished.

                              New, considerably lighter 3D prited skid by DravTech!


                              We'll see how well it slides.

                              ESC's, BEC and the receiver will be zipped to there.

                              New ESC's and BEC - ready for smashing!

                              My new axles from RC4WD are soon outside of the door as well. Old ones I used to my shafty, so I had to get a new set. I'll update this later. Now I have lots to do with all of my rigs.


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                                A BIG thanks to RC4WD. Now I got a new pair of Bullies for a new season!

                                Always nice to have a "fresh" start.

                                Yep, still as exciting as the last time!

                                Add knuckleweights and NCD carbon fiber stuff, throw some locktite to the screws and they are ready for 2015!

                                Now I'll just have to get all the parts together. Luckily I have some holidays in christmas.

                                Skins are ready for shipping in Canada too, and tires are in the production as well. This should be ready in no time!