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    Work with this rig continues.

    Replacing some of the steel hardware to aluminium.

    Also putting in a new set of shafts.

    Some weight saved.

    Also changed the hole of my drag link. It was getting too much contact with the steering link in the last hole.

    12g total saving. And it looks much better now.

    Work contiues next weekend. I ordered 11t pinions for this thing to get the speed down with the new motors. We'll see how it does when those will arrive.


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      Let me know how those 11t pinions work out bud
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        After many, many, many, many batteries of training I can share my feelings of the rig now.

        One of the spots we were training on. Lot's to drive in there.

        Now that I changed the front shafts to new ones, the rig is doing like it should. Just as well as in the Worlds last year. The motors are still an issue though. But hopefully the cure is on it's way. I ordered 12T and 11T pinions for testing. Can't wait to have another go with those.

        Skins have been in touch with the rocks, I'll have to admit that.

        Once I have tested the new pinions, I'll post an update. Stay tuned!


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          Looking good Samu.


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            Originally posted by Rckcrwlr View Post
            Looking good Samu.
            Thanks John! Doing the best I can.

            Ok, time to get this thing working before the comp on saturday!

            I noticed something weird on the rear axle.

            Bend upper link holder.

            Luckily though, I had one as a spare.

            Maybe the damage was done when I was trying to get it on it's wheels at some point.

            Got myself a pair of 12T pinions from Heido. Thanks mate!

            Pinion and upper link mount added.

            And the front pinion now as well. Time to try it out.

            The feeling for the motor slightly improved, but they still need a lot of power to start. I'll try with this setup on the next comp. That's the best way to test them out.

            All set for the comp. I do wish for a better position than last time.

            It'll be first comp this year outdoors in dry rocks. Rig has done well in that comp site, so everything should be ok for a top position.

            As always pics and vids will follow.


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              And then...

              Time to go and test them new pinions on actual comp.

              A bit chilly in the morning, but the weather turned out to be just fine during the day.

              Koppensneller on the first course.

              The driving felt much better with smaller pinions. I now have 10t pinions on the way and I will test them next. With the 12t it was already half better than 14t.

              This was a day with lot's of good performances. I had five reverses and one roll over in total of the day.

              The courses were relatively easy, but it's also easy to do stupid and costy mistakes there.

              I'm satisfied of the overall performance now. This is good form to continue on training. Just gotta test them smaller pinions.

              And this is the first course. Full -50 points was a good way to start the day.

              Here are the results. Didn't score a cup point from course two cause of the roll over.

              Next comp will be after two and a half weeks and in that time I will have to make the final setup for the season 2015.


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                And another BIG THUMPS UP!

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                In the end though, it all comes down to stick time...


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                  Originally posted by Rockatanski View Post
                  And another BIG THUMPS UP!

                  Got a pair of Custom Fiber motor guards for this yesterday.

                  Installed them before tomorrows competition.

                  New versus old.

                  I opened the roof and hood for setting my esc's again.

                  Found nothing wrong in there. Maybe I just have to learn to drive...

                  Nice soldering Samu... I fixed this right away.

                  Motor guards on! Killer job on these Troy!

                  My old worn out guards have done their job.

                  Rig is now ready to go for another comp. We have a new comp ground, which doesn't let you do any mistakes if you want to be on top.

                  Only three rigs have registered for the comp, that's a real pitty. Anyhow, it's gonna be a great battle!

                  Pics and videos on sunday.


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                    Another comp behind with this rig. Still not satisfied...

                    Comp started well. First course full house points.

                    These pics are from the second course which was a tough one.

                    Going for the first bonus.

                    Cleared. I got full house score from this course as well.

                    For shafty this gate five was a real pain in the ass. But for pro there was no problems.

                    Gate six cleared!

                    Second bonus gate.

                    And third one.

                    My brother have had exactly the same points than me. So there was no room for reverse...

                    So I didn't.

                    Going for the final gates.

                    Tough little course.

                    Finished with -50 points!

                    Here is the third course on video. It was really walk thru for pro, so we decided to see how can make the fastest time. That went well.

                    It all went wrong on the last course. I started it way over confident and on the last gates of the course it started to see as a terrible hurry and even worse driving. First I drove straight into my feet and then I ran out of battery. I wasn't able to clear the last bonus gate, so eventually I ended up last. Well, that's something new. Congrats to my brother, who drove amazing comp.

                    The point difference isn't huge, but it is enough.

                    I've thought to get a set of good old Conflux motors for this thing. Maybe the handling would get back to "normal" as it was last year. I'll need to start practising now, cause the Nordics are just little over a month away. Next comp will be in the middle of may. Gonna need to run few batteries before it.