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Zarizi's 2.2 "Koppensneller"

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  • Zarizi's 2.2 "Koppensneller"

    It's time to unleash the beast!

    Technical shit:
    Axles: RC4WD Bully 2
    Chassis: Nordic Crawler Design SuDu Pro
    Links: Nordic Crawler Design Titanium
    Motors: Team Brood Racing Stubby 30T HHK-T
    ESCs: Castle Creation s Micro Sidewiders
    BEC: Castle Creations 10A
    Servo: Futaba BLS157HV
    Batteries: Gens Ace 450mAh 25-50C 3S LiPo
    Tires: LaaLaa Skinny Rovers
    Wheels: Nordic Crawler Design Carbon Three Piece Specials 0.8"
    Foams: LaaLaa Skinny Rover Specials
    Shocks: Axial SCX10 Aluminium
    Springs: Team Losi Mini-T Silver
    Radios: Sanwa MT-4
    Skins: Krawler Konceptz
    - NCD servo stand
    - NCD battery stand
    - NCD electric stand
    - NCD/RcBros knuckle weights

    Sorry that I've woken up a little bit late to write up my 2.2 topic here. But I'll post the path so far to this thread. Enjoy!

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    I made a newyear's promise: Never post the progress without pics. It has worked well so far.

    Today I did continue with the parts I had.

    I did put the stuff to the scale. (please don't ask me why)

    This is all the parts I have at the moment. Allthough the shocks are missing from this pic apparently.

    I am worried about the drivers headroom. He is better start exercising his neck for next season!

    Shocks and uppers attached to the chassis.

    I replaced the hardware from the chassis to aluminium.

    One SuDu Pro without potatoes.

    Tomorrow I will finally receive my axles from the finnish customs. WOOHOO. Then I'll start on working on with those. I have heard a rumour that there is some parts under production in NCD & LaaLaa designs for me as well. This is going to be great rig.

    I want to thank everyone involved to get this this going before the Spanish Nats! Big respect


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      Project continues as the new stuff walks in:

      But what do we have here?

      Some vital components to built this thingy!

      That's some very professional packing, I have to say!

      Should I leave them there?

      No way.... There's the rear axle straight from the package.

      Here's the front axle. Just now I really can see and feel the quality of these. Simply beautiful job!

      Steering link, which I will replace with NCD titanium one.

      They are finding their home right about there.

      First I worked with the rear axle. I checked every screw and put some locktite, so it wont get loose, cause of the drivers lazyness.

      Rear axle is ready. Stubby and the BWD motorcover are vital parts in there. I'm gonna run the original pinions for the moment.

      And here is the rear axle at the scale. It's a little bit heavier than XR axle, but as Douwe said, it really feels (and is) ridiculously strong.

      Now it is attached to the chassis. Shocks will be finding their places after I have the lower links in my hands.

      Here is the front axle ready. I was little bit nervous about the CVD shafts from the pics, but now when I see them live, they look really strong. Won't probably need a spare set any time soon.

      I did put the RC4WD steering link in place for the moment.

      Let's see what the scale thinks of this set?

      Later I put Skinny Rovers to it and the scale showed it was a little under 1500 grams. We are heading to 1800'ish area.

      Here are the Skinny Rovers from my shafty attached. As you can see, it has got the hub setup fron AX10 rear axle.

      Wish there were more parts to built it with. But I'm done for the day.

      Driver has to test out the cabin for the next day or so. I'll be back tomorrow!


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        I'm getting there! More updates soon. Prepare for a pic-heavy message


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          Here are the Holmes Hobbies BR-Mini ESC's. They are looking gorgerous!

          Skins arrived yesterday! Awesome work by Michelle!

          From side.

          Roof and hood.

          Wheels are going to look like this. I'm going to mount them tomorrow when I receve my Skinny Rovers.

          More carbon fiber stuff from Nordic Crawler Designs!

          Links! I'm extremely happy with these! Clean job Tomi!

          Some soldering to be done in terms of the batteries...

          Rest of my wheels.

          Revo rod ends attached to the links. Lower front links will get the D-Lux titanium link sliders as well.

          Putting them NCD stuff on the front axle!

          Looking clean so far!

          View from the front.

          Rear axle with lowers attached.

          Might have to do some clocking at some point.

          I did put it on the scale without wheels, tires, electronics and skins.

          It's beginning to look like a comp rig!

          NCD three piece cf wheel without the hub.

          Again I put the tires from the sporty.

          Ground clearance looking very, very good!

          Couldn't wait for the RTR weight. How will it be?

          Not bad!!

          Time for Koppensneller to wear his clothes!

          Really digging the 60/40 setup now!

          Roof and hood attached. IT looks FANTASTIC!

          Roof from the rear.

          Really pleased with overall look now.

          NCD steering link seems to be good bought as well.

          That'll be about the ride height.

          It flexes just about enought to my driving style.

          WB just 12,5". As it must be.

          I can also drive upside down! That's a usable effect!

          RTR weight still looking promising.

          Still have to mount those electrics.

          I'll be using Sanwa MT-4 with this fella.

          Those pics and stories were from yesterday. Today it was time to put rest of it together. (Mainly electronics)

          I had problems with Mini-BR's so I swithced back to Micro Sidewiders for now. It took me quite a while to get it going, but it finally is a RTR! (Still to come Skinny Rovers and the three piece carbon wheels and then the NCD knuckle weights). Here are the pics I got from today:

          Finally done. After many, many building hours.

          Got the Sidewiders and RX on the electric stand behind the motor. That's the max height.

          That's the ride height.

          Closer pics from the skins!

          Loving the effects on the roof.

          Wheels are waiting for the tires.

          They're going to match quite nicely to the rig I think.

          It's for the moment too wide from the rear. It'll come down much narrower, when I assemble the new wheels.

          RTR weight in grams.

          RTR weight in pounds!

          Jack Slayer is waiting for satuday and it's first run on the rocks!


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            Today I glued the tires to the wheels and attached them to the rig.

            Sorry for dark photos. It's beginning to look ready. It's now 27cm wide on the front and 25cm at rear axle. I think it'll work well.

            Loving the twisty effect on the wheels!

            Forgot to take a pic from the electronics. Here they are.

            I tried this thing on flat floor indoors. JEEEEZZ, those Stubbies are brutal!! Will be a good test this weekend to give it some jerky on the rocks.

            RTR weight for the moment in grams.

            And pounds. Tomorrow I'll receive my knuckleweights and it'll rise up to 1750 grams I think.


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              Got the NCD/RC Bros knuckle weights installed. Here is the final RTR weight.

              In pounds.

              It is now ready for the finalizing training on The Bunker tomorrow. I'll shoot some video of it, if I can.


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                Yesterday I did the first runs on the rocks with this thing. It's going great straight from the first try. I was able to test with the defending Nordic Champ LaaLaa. He has the SuDu Pro with the XR10 axles, so it was really good way to separate the differences between these two. We couldn't hardly find any. They are going quite similarly for the moment. Only thing I need to do is ordering these:

                It's desparate for more weight on the front. That is quite much the only thing I will change before the Spanish Nats. We also did a good beating to these trucks to see what it can handle. 2 meter jumps ain't no problem with the stubbies and everything seems to be handling well the weight of the axles. Probably only thing which I need to get spare is the three piece wheel inner part.

                That's a one happy team driver!

                Yeahyeah, video you shout out loud!

                <iframe width="640" height="360" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


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                  Rig is looking very good.

                  That course looks tough, sharp edges and not a lot of room to maneuver.
                  SARCCA club president[/CENTER]


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                    Looks great. I second that test course...


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                      Got my RC4WD knuckle weights recently. Was eager to put them under the beast.

                      The old ones were not too heavy, and with the current hub setup, there wasn't enough room for more weights.

                      This looks better. So the overall weights are 100g compared to the old 30g.

                      Don't they shine!!

                      Not much to do before we go.

                      Just have to clean up those electrics on the mount behind the motor.

                      Then I can say that it is ready for Spain.


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                        Looking really good. Good luck in Spain

                        What is the foam combo you are running in red claws? How much did you narrow them and wheel width please.
                        SARCCA club president[/CENTER]


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                          Originally posted by theinfidel View Post
                          Looking really good. Good luck in Spain

                          What is the foam combo you are running in red claws? How much did you narrow them and wheel width please.

                          Wheel width is 0.8 inches. Foams and tires are made by LaaLaa and I've given him free hands to do them. You could ask him about them.


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                            I'm all set for take off. Project Spain 2014 is coming to it's highlight. The competition.

                            I managed to get the front suspension working better, so I hope everything will hold up for the weekend.

                            My 1st goal is to be driving on sundays final (top 10). Let's see what it can do.

                            I just wan't to thank everyone who made it possible to be up, running and be competitive at such short amount of time!

                            Nordic Crawler Designs
                            Team Brood Racing
                            Krawler Konceptz!

                            It definately wouldn't be the same without the awesome supporters and vendors!


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                              Good luck my friend....

                              2.2 Sportsman Champ Supercrawl 2013