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  • g-jero,s Bully 2

    So it is time to start a thread on this.
    This is not going to be that exiting because this will allmost be a copy of Samu,s Bully2.
    Sorry Samu but I dont think it is necassary to reinvent the wheel when your car works like it does

    So the spec will be:

    RC4WD Bully 2
    Chassis: Nordic Crawler Design SuDu Pro
    Links: Nordic Crawler Design Titanium
    Motors: Team Brood Racing
    ESCs: Holmes hobbies br minis
    BEC: Castle Creations 10A
    Servo: Hitec 7950
    Batteries: Maxamps 430
    Tires: Rovers/Sedonas/Boss claws
    Wheels: Various carbon/alu
    Foams: Various
    Shocks: Axial SCX10 Aluminium
    Springs: Team Losi Mini-T Silver
    Radios: Futaba 4PL
    Skins: Home made
    - NCD servo stand
    - NCD battery stand
    - NCD electric stand

    Still missing axels (stuck in customs), chassi (waiting in Finland) and motors (I have no idea )
    hopefully this will arrive in the next day or two.

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    Skin,s are ready, hopefully the team manager will aprove them


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      Thumbs up high!! See you after two days!


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        All I need now is the chassis, and Tomi are bringing this to the Nordics
        So I will probably build this in the hotel the night before the comp,
        it is allways a good idea to build a new untested car to a big comp isent it
        But I feel like i should drive my bullys when I have got the chance to play with you big boys


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          Haha, well then we both drive a new car.. I will run it for the first time in this configuration also.

          But I thought the Nordic was about drinking and sauna.....

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            Little update, as I said I would try to build this In the hotell in Finland but sadly I was missing some small parts to get this driveable.


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              Getting there now :-)
              It turned out a little on the heavy side but may get it a little lighter in the future.
              Need to get my new Ncd wheels fitted with some narrow woodoos, boca bearings and maybe some "Gunnar" pins now
              and it should be race ready :-)


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                Looking great!!


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                  Nice job, thats a good car to copy from the results I keep seeing!
                  The 5th Dimension Owner/Driver
                  Team Brood


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                    g-jero,s Bully 2

                    Longtime no update !
                    Have Been lying in the sun drinking beer for 4 weeks now :-)
                    But I have done some small changes to the rig.
                    Boca bearings and Gunnar pin,s are fitted, also got some new wheels from NCD fitted with narroved Voodoos.


                    The first comp was two weeks ago, but no great result for me. New rig and it nedded some tweeking and adjustments to fit my driving.
                    But the axels worked as a dream, only thing was the cvd,s feels like they have run 50 batteries when they in fact only got 6 pack,s of run time. Other then that it runs smooth :-)
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                      Second comp with the Bully's and I changed the setup a bit after the first comp. Gave the top links in front a little bend and moved the bottom links as far out on the axels as I could.
                      That helped a lot and the rig was smooth to drive. All the points I got this comp was because of the driver not the rig :-).
                      Ended up in second place, but It was a long way to the top !
                      Need more training. The good thing was that I managed all the gates on my second try, does not help the result but it shows that it is the driver that is not good enough :-(



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                        It was time for a new round of the Norwegian crawler cup this saturday and a new consept we call,d "the battle" on Sunday.
                        It seams like I have found the right setup for my driving style now because this weekend the rig did what I told it to do (almost)
                        I was happy with the results of course 1 and 2 on saturday, but in gate 6 on course 3 I rolled the rig and it landed in/under water,
                        resulting in ruind esc,s and a tumbel down the list.
                        On Sunday it was time for "the battle".
                        The consept is that we run 3 courses one by one and after every course about half of the racer with the most point/slowest time fall of,
                        ending up with 3 drivers in the finale.
                        It was a very exciting consept, and you are never sure of when it is over for your driving
                        I ended up in 2.nd place after doing the best/fastest runs in the two first courses.


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                          Had our last comp of 2014 this weekend so it,s time for a summary of my first season as a Bully2 driver.
                          I have not been able to get the top results this year but that has nothing to do with the rig, it is the driver .
                          I have read on various forums and I have seen that some people have had some issues with these axels regarding gears,bearings and cvd,s.
                          However I have not had any failure on my axels, of course I have canged to Gunnar pins and Boca bearings that may help some
                          but all in all I am very happy with my change in to Bully2,s
                          I am going to do some minor canges during the winter, some damper changes and some links need to be canged, It is to short and maybe new motors.
                          I would also like to thank RC4WD for the chanse to be in the team this year and I hope I will still be in for the 2015 season


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                            Looks awesome Geri...

                            Can't wait to see more.