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    Not to long to the first comp of 2015 now .
    The rig has lost some weight this winter.


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      Looking good


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        Seson opening in 2 weeks in Norway (we hope), and the rig is ready I guess.
        New motors, Brood Nexus 30t and new esc,c CC sidewinder micro,s.
        A little change in the link setup, but no big changes.
        Also did the Hulksta mod on the dampers, and they are silky smooth now


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          Got a package yesterday with some of the new Bully 2.2 comp RC4WD tyres.
          Here are my first thoughts with this new tyre.

          They are a bit lower and a bit narrower then my narroved Voodoo`s

          They also feel like they are a bit thicker in both the sidewall`s and in the thread pattern.
          This should help, especially the front tyres not to "collapse" that much.
          The rubber dont feel as sticky as my gold Voodoo`s, but it is close.
          I dont have any silver to compare with, but I guess it it somewhere in between silver and gold.
          As for the foam some std foam comes with the tyres, but I think most of us will change this.
          May be a Double douce Soft/medium 5.5` combo will be nice.

          The tread pattern as you can see has a lot of lugs, and I bet
          most of us will customize this for our own likings.
          With that many lugs, we get a lot of possible patterns

          I have not been able to test them yet, as it is rains here .

          I will test this as stock before I do any cutting in them,
          but probably with a non stock foam


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            First test of the new Bully Tires, done !
            I have to say that I think these things work great in stock.
            Or allmost stock, I run them with 5.5" Double douce Soft/soft outer foam, and the inner front
            foam a little bit narrowed.
            I think they bounse a little, but I think if I cut some of the lugs they will improve.

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              Time to rebuild for 2017, I am trying a new Norwegian chassis this year called Firestarter. Also I think i will change my dampers to Big bore again.