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  • Snatch´s Bully 2

    i´m from Bavaria/Germany and i was the first person with Bully2 axles there about nearly 2,5years ago.From the beginning till now i´m very happy with these axles,very stable,much room for adjustment and durable!

    I tried some different kind of chassis....

    crawled in summer...

    and sometimes also in winter

    And then i began to read and learn many things about antisquat,squat,linkgeometry and all those technical stuff.So i decided to use a chassis which fulfill my requirements and that´s the 5th Dimension Dominator!

    And that´s the point where i´m now,a 60/40 balance with a 100% antisquat geometry gives me a very neutral driveability and safety:

    A week ago i was at france for holiday at the spot where the RC Crawling Worlds will be this year.A very interesting location with much grip and many possibilities for crawling. I did a little video with my Bully/Dominator:

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    We had a fun-comp yesterday and all drivers come with Bully2-axles,so of course no technical problems