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  • RockBull build up

    I recently got the RockBull from RC4WD with the Raptor 2 axles. I built her up and was running 40 series Rockstar beadlocks and the massive 40 series mudslingers. The gear ratio was too high with 13 tooth pinions so I scavenged up some spare parts from 2 TLTs and am building some gear reduction units. I don't have pics right now but I should by the end of the weekend. Other than the high gear ratio on the axles this is an awesome rig. The piggyback shocks it comes with are increadable!

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    Gear reduction units in work

    I got alot done on the gear reduction units for the Raptor 2' axles yesterday. Heres a picture:

    I still need machine down a few pieces and make the motor mount. Right now the main gear is on ball bearing and spins very smooth, not a bit of minding.


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      Nice work. You are way beyond me in the technical stuff. I just got my Rockbull kit and it is very nice but I didn't get all of the correct parts or any paperwork. Do you have any pics of your truck setup? I'm just lookin for a little info on a good crawling setup as I am a newb with his first crawler kit. I have put together all that I can with the parts I have from looking at the pics on the website but any clues for a good setup would be super helpful.



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        Tough kit

        You're right, this kit takes a little insight to build. If this was my first build I would have been totally lost. Let me post up some pictures, all the parts are there you just need to know where to put them, in fact mine came with straight lower links and bent which impressed me. I ended up going with straight, here's some pictures of my setup.
        I still need to work on the body.


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          Thank you for the reply and the pics. It looks great. I actually did pretty good putting it all together with no manual except I really was missing a few small things needed to complete. Mike at RC4WD has been helpful and hopefully my parts are on the way. I still have a couple of questions about the electronics. I was thinking Mamba Max, dual Integy 55 turn motors and dual JR 400oz servos with BEC. I will post some pictures when it is a roller as we seem to be the only RockBull guys on here. Yet


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            Sound good

            Your choices for the electronics sound pretty good. I am running 2 Novak 55t's and a Novak Rooster CE. The Rooster speed control has plenty of juice for the servos but I read that the MambaMax doesn't put out as much so it's a good thing you picked up a BEC. Can't wait to see the pics.


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              Thanks again for the help. How did you get your links to mount to you axles with the metal steering kit? The servo bracket hits the link where it meets the axle. Do I have to modify the servo bracket? Your pictures have been super helpful (they are the only ones I can find of this kit anywhere with these axles) but I see you don't have your servo brackets or servos mounted. How did you do it, any pictures?

              It's a couple of weeks now and I still don't have the missing parts from RC4WD. Missing parts and zero instructions sucks. Any more pictures or tips would be great the downloadable manual dosen't even apply to what I purchased.


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                Sweeeeeeeeeet. I got the shipment with my missing parts yesterday and I am so stoked to put it all together. I almost wanted to take a day off so that I could build my truck. I'v got most everything figured out except the configuration of the servo bracket and the link to the axle. It seems that I will have to modify the bracket. Does anybody know how this is done? Is anybody out there?


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                  late reply

                  Sorry for the late reply, I've been busy designing and making a new chassis. I did have to modify the servo plates. here's a picture for you, it was super easy.


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                    Thanks again for the help. That looks close to what I did. I just used my bench grinder and it was very easy. I will post some pics when I get back from vacation. I brought the finished truck into my LHS and they where very impressed/jealous. The owner had a bunch of questions about RC4WD and I was pushing him to become a NW supplier.