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  • Mirek's Diablo

    Our Team Engineer and Driver Mirek just got his Diablo build. He will be competing with it in Poland next few weeks.

    We should have some cool videos up shortly.

    Let me invite Mirek to join us here and maybe post some of his feedbacks.

    He also experience the same problem with the first patch of the lower 4 links.

    All current shipped Diablo are getting the billet lower 4 links mounts, we will have a metal molded 4 links mounts within a few weeks. It will be part of the basic Diablo Kit.

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    Hi Everybody

    It is my first post at this forum - I'm galad that we can talking here about truck from RC4WD.

    Diablo it is my first Crawler - I was plan to do some think like Diablo - because I to this time still riding on leafs.
    The travell of suspension and RTI is amazing for me - and big plus of Diablo is wheel base is near of HPI Body Jeep Wrangler.
    Tomorow I'll try made some a test drive in Rock in Polish mountain.

    regards from Polen
    ps. Soory for my English


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      Welcome to the board Mirek. You do some great work, it makes up for you lack of English. HA HA.

      Keep the good idea's flowing.


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        I apologize for my poor english all the time... but I am from Ohio so it is easy to understand why I cant spell or form a decent sentence..


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          It is a few photo with my first test riding.

          Clip will be soon.
          Reagards Mirek