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is the copperhead worth getting???

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  • is the copperhead worth getting???

    hey all new 2 the forum but not new 2 rc. wuz wundering if the copperhead artr kit is worth getting??
    i have a rock rider chassis setup with axial drivetrain/links and its great plus i have a couple other axials that are just as good but im looking for sumthing a bit different and the copperhead has a unique look to it. so any info good and bad will be greatly appreciated.

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    anybody? anything? is it a decent crawler? even with a few mods is it worth it?


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      It takes a few days to get answers on here. This is not a heavy traveled forum.

      The copper head is a good chassis is you are partial to tubework and it sounds like you may be already. Its a low slung setup and requires a good setup. I do not recommend it for rough edge rock. I think its best as a racer, or a moab type rock.


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        agreed and im thinking bout a copperhead or rockrider as a rockracer build before to long but idk because i really like scalers like the scx10 from axial and the trailfinder from rc4wd
        Axial scx10 JK WeekEND WARRIOR


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          ok ordered my copperhead yesdterday and thats what i wanted to hear that its a bit different. my r.r. is great for sharp edge rocks and the other 1 is a custom tuber similar to the tcs eclipse in the droop setup and it wrks great on my rock pile also plus the scx10 i got thats runnin 2.2hammers as im not a serious scaler and wanted more tire then the 1.9 is a competent truck but not as gd as the others i run
          so from the sounds of it its guna take sum wrk to set up rite but should b good on river rock and indoor courses


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            well got my copperhead 2day and everything seems pretty gd! now i gota install my electronics and give it the test!!
            so hopefully it turns out as good as my rock rider did.