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    To crawling...and I was bit!

    Started with a Slash....Blah Blah Blah.....Faster than most real cars.....BUT as y'all know its fun going slow. So I got a Yeti ($$Money Pit$$)...Well even with the 2 speed, and gearing down...Too fast for fun crawling. Did a bit of looking and found a "G Made R1"....ARTR....So I added a 17.5 Tekin and a Holmes Version of the MMP... And went crawling! Then I set the suspension up, changed shocks, Tires and wheels....Quite respectable and I had a Gas!!! Named it "Whadda"

    Then the TROUBLE STARTED.... I watched some video of a real crawler with Dig....WHOA!!!

    underdrive, clocking , DIG.....????

    OH I got it, BUT can't do it

    So what do I do, I am mechanical and have built a bunch of RC's.....Found a forum and found the RTR Bully ll....

    Long story short, Went Super Saver Couponing and picked up my Bully ll RTR and got a new Hitech Dual charger with my

    discount....Sooooooooo NEW BULLY ll and charger in the house tomorrow!

    Stopped by my LHS today and picked up a needed accessory, Lipo Alarm.

    Batteries in hand now, cannot wait for that Big Brown Truck.
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    The Newb

    Built my rtr..? Yup, tore it all down, tighten and seal all screws, replace missing, swap out esc and servo( waiting on the good stuff) and run !!

    Back to shop , solve cogging in reverse only.... Added jato ends to my rear links to clock it a tad, adjust shock position and play

    New ProModeler 420 oz servo @6v

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