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VA Scaler is housting a Camp and Crawl TTC Event

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  • VA Scaler is housting a Camp and Crawl TTC Event

    July 14-15 VA Scaler is hosting a
    camp and crawl TTC Event at the
    Cove Campgrounds
    Gore Va


    The cost of event will be $25 for adult the first class and that includes a camp site for Saturday Night.
    Kids ages 2-11 is $15 for the first class.
    For 2nd class it will be $5 for each class.
    To have a electric power at your camp site it's $10 More.

    Their will be a night trail run so have lights on your trucks.

    Scale vehicle requirements:

    1. Must be 1/10 scale electric car/truck with a scale chassis. (No 2.2 comp chassis with a scale body) A scale chassis could be a MSD or a RC4WD or an Axial SCX-10 chassis.

    2. Tire may be name brand or knock offs, just as long as they resemble the real thing.

    3. Vehicle must have at least 5 scale accessories. (I.e. jerry can, bed roll, cooler, shovel, winch, rock lights, ect.)

    4. NO rear steer and NO dig. A vehicle may have 4x4 or 2x4 capabilities.

    5. A vehicle must have a tow strap and winch points. (I.e. Bumper, D-rings, ect.)

    6. Must have tow strap mounted on the truck.

    7. One truck for the hole event.

    8. The tire that you tech with is the one used for the hole event.

    9. Their is going to be water. So make shore your shit water proofed!

    Tire Ban List:

    • Losi Claws (all sizes, and types)
    • Hot Bodies Rovers (all sizes)
    • Hot Bodies Sedonas
    • HPI Rock Grabbers
    • Panther Cougars
    • Panther Leopards
    • Pro-Line Chisels (all sizes)
    • RC4WD Rocklin
    • RC4WD X-Locks (all sizes)
    • RC4WD Crazy Crawlers
    • Imex Skulls and Bones
    • Losi Bashers

    List of events

    Hill Climb

    Mini Rubicon

    Obstacle Course

    Frame Twister

    Mud Pit

    Tank Trap

    1.9 class

    1 Mp3ranger
    2 passinby
    3 milkman
    4 kunas
    5 nvxwax
    6 Thundaar
    7 crawlerfx
    8 Creepy
    9 Wallbanger
    10 sellenk

    2.2 Class

    1 Mp3ranger
    2 passinby
    3 milkman
    4 kunas
    5 nvxwax
    6 mjderstine
    7 crawlerfx
    8 daddyduck
    9 Creepy

    Sportsman age 0-13
    1 yamato
    2 taiyo
    3 Waylon
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