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2014 RC4WD East Coast Scale Challenge (August 22-24)

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    I have opened up the Event Shirt Sale until the August 12th.

    If you want to order any please do so. There will not be extras available at the event.

    Anyone that wants one that is not coming to the event, there will be a $5 shipping charge. All non attending event shirts will be shipped after the event. Shipping charge will need to be paid before it goes out.

    Send $5 flat rate shipping to and note Name and order number in the payment so I can match them up.
    International customers will need to pay actual shipping charge when it is packed up.



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      For all the woman competitors...we now are offering Woman's Regular Cut Sizes.

      To all the male competitors:

      Do you want to be in good graces with your wife or girlfriend or daughters...

      Order her a Women Size Event Shirt. These will be Regular Cut and cut for your woman's figure...not a box cut like the regular ones.

      Check them out at Eventbrite

      The shirt will be a light grey color. "thumbsup"


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        My wife was questioning my interests (manhood) when I got two packages that, when she read the labels really got her concerned

        Introoducing some Adult Toys from

        BEEF TUBES


        The mailman is really starting to dislike me


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          Excuse the mess but RC4WD Claus just dropped off a couple boxes of good cheer for ECSC14 Competitors...

          My kids came down and said it looks like Christmas morning in our house...

          Oh and don't forget the TTC Gifts...Are you ready to fight for one of the top spots??? You walk away with these just by getting in the top 5 Class 3 spots.



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            From this point everything is down hill.

            If I email you a question, please respond as soon as possible to minimize delays.

            I wanted to announce the

            2014 RC4WD East Coast Scale Challenge
            Event Marshall Assignments

            John "JesterSpec" Miller
            Chad "Chad30w" Walden

            These guys will be a vital part of the event running smoothly. Please look to them for any questions, issues or clarification. They will have the last call on any disputes and will involve me if there needs to be a tie breaker.

            Please respect their positions and everything will go smooth and we will all have fun.



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              These amazing ECSC14 Sponsors must have a Screw Loose....

              Look what showed up today from Screw Loose Hardware

              Oh and another surprise from RC4WD...


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                OK....I think I have topped myself this year...

                First...sold out in 22 hours
                Second...the infamous Harley is going to be doing a live feed and videos
                Second and a half...Turtle is coming to take professional style photos with his Chew Can Holder
                Third...the first ever King of the Rose Event....

                And Now...I just secured........................................... .....

                THE ALTERNATIVE
                FOOD TRUCK

                Yeap you heard it right...

                He will be there

                Thursday Night for all you weary travelers.
                Friday for Lunch
                Saturday for a quick breakfast and Lunch

                Make sure you support him just as you support all the vendors. He is really committing to serving us the whole weekend.

                Menu items will include but not limited to:

                Hamburgers 1/2#
                Philly Steak & Cheese
                Grilled Cheese
                Pulled Pork
                Hot Dogs
                Fresh Cut Fries..
                Deep Fried Mac & Cheese
                and much, much more.

                SO WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK???


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                  As I do it my real job...I like to look at things in different ways....

                  Here are some things that I came up with:

                  Where is everyone from (CA is Canada...and Yes, MY is Malaysia...just a shirt)

                  Shirt Sizes:


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                    The event isn't all about little trucks....Need to squeeze some camping in also...

                    One of the Pugs is worn out already...


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                      Waterproofing will be your friend!!!!!


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                        Schedule updated in post 4


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                          As if there wasn't enough going on this weekend..

                          How about taking a break from the comp scene and do a little friend comping.

                          Just sealed a deal last night...

                          Mr C's FunSpot
                          is offering to all registered comp drivers...

                          Buy One, Get One Free Mini Golf
                          It will be good for Friday Only...Use it yourself, or give it to you family so they can enjoy the weekend also. It's a short walk across the bridge.

                          Coupon will be included in your packet.

                          Make sure when you go you thank them...

                          Just went last night...great time, OH and BTW...the most incredible Ice Cream Flavors you will ever see...


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                            SOME THINGS TO KNOW WHEN COMING TO ECSC14:

                            • Registration at Pavilion 4pm -11pm
                            • Bring your rigs, ready for tech
                            • Bring your Scale Sheet Filled out to Tech
                            • This is a Family Campground...enough said
                            • Punctuality will be important...any time changes will be communicated.
                            • People rent cabins and trailers, treat them like your own...

                            Please post up if you are not going to make tech Thursday Night (Only should be Class 2 and KotR Drivers)...

                            Name (Class/Time of Arrival)

                            Trying to figure a formal time to register on Friday.


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                              King of the Rose Course is laid out.

                              .92 miles...just couldn't get anymore without passing out. ops:

                              Will try to add more as I set it up...

                              All I can say is you better be ready for some open throttle areas, strategic approaches, planning your lines and Water...Oh and maybe grabbing some air.. "thumbsup"

                              For those that have been here before, here's a little sneak peak...


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                                You must have printed out copies of your tickets or on your phone

                                Everything is automated so make sure you are prepared.