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2014 RC4WD East Coast Scale Challenge (August 22-24)

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  • 2014 RC4WD East Coast Scale Challenge (August 22-24)

    In 2013, with the help of RC4WD, we brought a National Level Scale Event to the East Coast Hobby Community, that gathered close to 70 drivers, with 120 trucks, to a small town North of Pittsburgh, PA. Rick and Deb Yeager, owners of Rose Point Park, welcomed us to their Campground and 11 acres of unadulterated scaler heaven. Well, we must have been on our best behavior, because they are welcoming us back...


    WHEN: August 22, 23, 24 2014
    WHERE: Rose Point Park
    8775 Old US 422
    New Castle, PA 16101
    (724) 924-2415



    We will be following SORRCA Scale Rules (Current at the time)

    Tentative Schedule as follows:


    Registration will go through Eventbrite (Registration is not open)

    Tickets Prices are:

    Class 1: $35
    Class 2: $35
    Class 3: $45 (Chance for TTC)

    Saturday Night Awards Banquet/Pig Roast: $10 each
    Cheplic Packing is excited to come back...(We want to get everyone together for a nice sit down meal. We plan to do awards and giveaways at this time. You can attend even if you don't chose to eat off the roast pig(stuffed with Kielbasa/Hot Dogs), but you will miss out on a great meal. If your bringing the wife and/or kids, make sure to get extra tickets. There will be tickets available at the event in limited numbers. We have to prepare the food ahead of time)

    Event Shirts (Order at time of registration only):
    $15 (S - XL)
    $18 (2XL and up)

    Make sure you subscribe and check back here for latest information regarding our event.

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    • Campground Reservations (Cabins, Yurts) will only be taken with an Eventbrite Order Number.
    • Only one unit will be able to be reserved per order number.
    • Any attempts to side step this will result in forfeiture of your registration fees and banned from event.
    • Camp Sites are available at any time (Camper or Tent)

    I am sorry to have to do this but unfortunately the old adage that one person can ruin it for everyone one, applies here.

    I will be forwarding all order numbers to Rose Point Park when I get them from Eventbrite. If for some reason, they don't have it (my real job gets in the way), don't give them a hard time...just give them the order number. They will hold the reservation until they verify that it is a correct.

    The faster you register for the event, the better chance you have getting what you want. Try to maximize space by sharing with others.


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      Rose Point Park Campground (Mention: RC4WD Scale Challenge)
      8775 Old US 422
      New Castle, PA 16101
      (724) 924-2415
      Rose Point Park Campground - Western Pennsylvania Family Camping
      Cabin Rentals, Yurts, Trailer Sites and Tent Sites Available
      (Special 20% Discount when you mention RC4WD Group, Limited Time)

      Google search...."hotels near Rose Point Park Campground, Rose Point Road, New Castle, PA"

      Comfort Inn
      1740 New Butler Rd
      New Castle, PA 16101
      (724) 658-7700
      6.7 mi W

      Super 8 New Castle
      1699 New Butler Rd
      New Castle, PA 16101
      (800) 454-3213
      6.5 mi W

      Hampton Inn & Suites New Castle
      2608 W State St
      New Castle, PA 16101
      (724) 656-0000
      12 mi W


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        Platinum (SOLD OUT)

        Gold ($250 in Prizes)

        1 Event T-Shirt
        Logo on T-Shirt
        Listed on Event Threads/Social Media
        *Limited Number available (7)

        Silver ($100 in Prizes)

        Listed on Event Threads/Social Media
        1 Event T-Shirt

        Title Sponsor

        Proud to announce ECSC14 SPONSORS





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          Course information:

          1. We will be running 3 courses per class, with a finals course.

          2. The Finals will be the Top 5 drivers from each class. Points will carry over to The Finals.

          3. We will be deducting 50% of your scale points per if you have a 50 point truck and you are running 3 courses, you will end up with -75 scale points deducted from your driving score for the day. A 40 point truck will have -60 scale points total, etc.

          4. There will be a scale point cap of 60 points in Class 1, 50 points in Class 2, and 50 points in Class 3.

          5. We will be teching all rigs at registration. This is to save valuable time to run. It is on the honor system but at any point throughout the weekend we can call a tech on any rigs if we feel there may be something out of spec. Please don't put us in that situation


          Thursday – Pavilion (4pm – 11pm)
          Check-In (Get your Drivers Packet)
          Tech for all Classes
          The Alternative Food Truck will be here.

          Friday (C1=47; C3=32)
          7:30 am – Finish Check-In/Tech (Pavilion)
          8:00 am – Drivers’ Meeting (Pavilion) Be ready to head to the courses
          8:30 am – Course Review
          8:30 am – Judges Meeting (Meet at HQ Tent)
          9:00 am to Noon – Class 1
          Noon – Lunch/
          Noon - Course Teardown/Set-Up
          12:30 pm – Course Review
          1:00 pm to 4:00pm - Class 3
          4:00pm – Class 1 Finals
          5:00 pm – Class 3 Finals
          6:00 pm to 7:30 pm – Show ’n Shine (Barn)
          6:00pm – Pizza Dinner (Pavilion) (Order at Camp Store)
          6:00 pm to 8:80 pm – Vendor Trade Show/Swap Meet
          9:00 pm – Night run Sponsored by Tri-State Scale Outlaws

          Saturday (C2=68)
          7:00 am – Drivers’ Meeting/Course Review
          7:30 am to 2:30 pm – Class 2
          Noon – Lunch Break (Food Truck on Site)
          4:00 pm – Class 2 Finals
          4:30 pm to 6:00 pm – King of the Rose
          7:00pm – Pig Roast (Pavilion)
          8:00 pm – 10:00 pm – Awards Banquet (Pavilion)

          Sunday (TTC)
          7:00 am – Drivers’ Meeting/Course Review
          7:30 am –8:00 am – Tech
          8:30 am to 1:00 pm – TTC Event (Top 10 Drivers from Class 3)
          This itinerary is subject to change, but will give you an idea of what is happening and when.


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            1. 2.slowduo
            2. 2Sticks Basher
            3. BAD 1
            4. badBKO
            5. biggin69
            6. blknslvr
            7. Blumaro
            8. Bogncrawl
            9. bones
            10. boogz
            11. bronc4now
            12. Bryan Finegan
            13. Budhatrain
            14. bugz2002
            15. Cagedcbr
            16. CD13
            17. Chad30w
            18. Chino63
            19. crawl330
            20. Crawl330h
            21. crazydave76
            22. Creepy Inc.
            23. derrick
            24. Dirty fingers
            25. Drail
            26. DV8ion
            27. Fresh
            28. gdb85
            29. Gecko_Joe
            30. generis
            31. Gi Joe
            32. Go4Broke
            33. Goldwing
            34. Googledit
            35. Grichardson152
            36. Highmark
            37. holycaveman
            38. Hoosierdaddy
            39. imthatguy
            40. JCRCRacing
            41. Jesterspec
            42. JHTreyIII
            43. johnnyh66
            44. jswarm
            45. kaneohecrawler
            46. Krawler Konceptz_MIchelle
            47. Krawler Konceptz_Rob
            48. kunas
            49. LappDogg
            50. LappDogg Jr
            51. madtinner
            52. meatmonkey
            53. Metal Masher
            54. MightyCephalopod
            55. Minionjeep
            56. mjderstine
            57. mrsimonsdad
            58. muddslinger
            59. muddslinger7
            60. MudHoncho
            61. n/a (D. Clark)
            62. n/a (G. Trice)
            63. ngward79
            64. nickf
            65. njohns14
            66. none (J. Strehlow)
            67. old man 52
            68. Pain4WD
            69. pardonmyn00b
            70. Parkflyer
            71. Raceaholic
            72. RebelRacer
            73. Redjones
            74. ROCKEDUP RICKY
            75. SangNguyen
            76. SaTayo
            77. ScalerFab
            78. Scottian00
            79. sellenk
            80. sf2000xj
            81. sgil2001
            82. Sgtbham
            83. Spork_Assassin
            84. Szczerba
            85. teifert2429
            86. THEmicroRR
            87. thzero
            88. Timmy2tracks
            89. Timothy
            90. Tin Soldier
            91. V84x4
            92. yoda@4x4
            93. Youngblood


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                It is with great excitement and honor to announce that John "Jester" and Bob "Garagedoorbob or GDB" (Founding Members of Tri-State Scale Outlaws) will be assuming responsibility for both the Course and Judging side of the Event. I have full confidence in their ability to offer all the drivers top notch, national level courses for the 2014 East Coast Scale Challenge. They will be working side by side with me on all aspects of the event so we can ensure an even better experience in August.

                Bringing these guys on board is going to not only help on the course and judging side, but also frees me up to make sure that the other aspects of the event go smooth. This year we will be bumping up the registrations for each class and also streamline some of the processes. With John and Bob at the helm on their side, I can collaborate with the sponsors and work on other logistics to make sure the whole event is flawless.

                I want to take a moment and thank both of them for stepping up in this important role that is vital to the success of ECSC14.



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                  2014 SORCCA Rules are Up..

                  Scale OffRoad RC Association

                  2014 Rules
                  2014 Course Points/Penalties


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                    I want to reach out to all of you on this question...

                    First the reasoning behind it...I had received a lot of comments on the Show'n Shine... How it was handled, when it was scheduled, etc. Several people didn't like the idea that it was after we had run rigs...I sort of agree with that.

                    My thinking is that we have the Show'n Shine on Thursday Night. Gives everyone a chance to mix and mingle while we are checking in. Not sure on the complete schedule yet but with adding more registrations to the event, that I know all of you want, this would open things up a little.

                    Let me know if you will be in before 5pm on Thursday or not. Just remember that we start Friday Morning early so don't plan on driving in Friday morning and jumping on the courses...Just Saying... LOL


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                      Sponsorship Packages went out to all the supporters from the 2013 event. I will then reach out to others. ECSC13 Sponsors have first right of refusal.

                      I hear that train a rolling...rolling down the track...


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                        This is one time Getting the Shaft is Super...

                        I want to welcome Rick from SuperShafty to the Platinum Family of ECSC14...

                        And he's bringing some surprises that I am keeping to myself... :shock:


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                          Everything is going to be o KK with Platinum Sponsors...Looks like Krawler Konceptz is all in for ECSC14

                          Welcome aboard guys!!!!


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                            Looks like GCM is being very Generis with his sponsorship. Welcome Chris to Platinum Level!!!


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                              This one grabbed me by the leg for a Platinum Sponsorship...Let's welcome PitBull Tires to the ECSC14.