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  • SPONSORS .... French RC CRAWLER CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 Presented by RC4WD

    Hi every one

    I am proud to present you the list of sponsors without whom nothing would have been possible, thanks to their confidence in us
    Because of them you will be able to participate in 7 races of which 3 within major events of modelism and 1 other that will be The major meeting of the RCCF forum. The last 3 races will take place on the same site as WORLD'S 2016

    they give us the possibility to propose you a raffle with 3 machines RTR to win and 2 kits, the creation of a magazine with technical articles for the visitors of the salons interested in the race, and some nice videos that you will be happy to enjoy on your sreen

    with their help we will have the opportunity to make known our discipline and invite new people to join us


    RC4WD - The Ultimate RC Products
    RC4WD is no longer used as a reference.
    Their products are unavoidable and our hobby would not be there today without them.
    RC4WD will also be the main sponsor of the No. 6 Avignon Model Show, which is the biggest event of the 3 shows.
    We will have 2 kits for the raffle and all the electronics of the comp crawler 2,2 pro.

    The following 2 sponsors are almost as important
    2 Sponsors of Honor:

    GPM racing
    GPM RC Car Hop-Up & Spare Parts Store
    GPMRACING-PARTS.COM is operating by a group of professional who has a passion in radio control and modeling hobby, not only we participate in the hobby industry trend but we also focus on ensuring our customers getting the most knowledge and the best online purchasing experience that can be provided.
    you will see a Yeti full option GPMracing and parts for the 2,2pro
    GPMracing will be the race sponsor of the "race 7 - La Seyne Model Show" that will be the last race where we will know who win the championship and who win raffle prices

    Crawler Innovations
    RC Crawler Foams, Rock Crawler Foams, Tires and More by Crawler Innovations
    A big thank you to CRAWLER INNOVATION for its invaluable help which will help you to live the events in video, CRAWLER INNOVATION told us that they wants to be a part of our future growth, so it's just what they did
    CRAWLER INNOVATIONS will be sponsor of 3 races
    race 3 - La Big... the famous event of the RCCF forum since 2006
    race 4 - Molines Model Show.... the Higher event model show (1775m) verry important in our comunity
    race 5 - Paca3.... the same place where we did the world's 2016

    7 Sponsors :

    big thanks to DRAVTECH, he was the 1rst to give a positive answer, his help was really important for us to understand we work in the good direction
    just go to see theyr new products

    Michel Farina is a former TT 1/8 and his 4728 license dates from the early 80's.
    Michel has a store in Ales that bears his name and is also president of the local club (RMATT).
    Michel is a pillar of the team of France and collects the good rankings in CF.

    ScalerFab is a family-owned and operated business currently based out of the Denver, Colorado area. Managed by husband and wife duo, Troy & Casey Loftus, ScalerFab offers quality, performance-engineered steel 1/10 Scale R/C Trail Armor & Accessories that are made right here in the USA.

    MBH - "Crawlerkeller-Shop"
    Modellbau Heinzinger GmbH
    They are your specialized dealer for radio controlled model building in the Scaler and Crawler area.
    They are known in the scene since 2009 under the name "Crawlerkeller-Shop".

    ClassiCutCustoms......home of custom Radio Control Crawlers
    ClassiCutCustoms is a small business designed to create and manufacture custom radio control rock crawlers and parts. There is no short cut to quality

    Fanatic RC
    we see him in almost all the races, Fanatic RC supports for years this discipline, thanks to him for his anguish

    Now some members of the organization Team
    Big thanks to them
    Ventru by PAT13
    Pat13 Store | Rccrawler France Forum
    every one knows the Ventru imagined by Pat13 with its incredible crossing capabilities, new pieces are available on its shop

    Mr Scale
    Mr Scale | Rccrawler France Forum
    A super nice guy who works great, is the definition, its strengths are the chassis, hoops and 3D printing

    BYM! | Build Your Margouillat !
    WORLD'S champion 2016 2,2S, This guy build a fabulous car name MARGOUILLAT

    you will found him on RCCF, he is the specialist ok hacking FLYSKY GT3B & GT3C
    thanks to him for givin the radio for the comp crawler 2,2pro of the raffle

    he does not have a shop and sell nothing, he is there only to give a hand, it bump very hard on all the scales encounters, he is "the" specialist of the discipline scale
    We have the uge privilege of having within our team the famous TeddyRC which will undoubtedly very soon the 1st RC4WD TEAM DRIVER FRANCAIS
    Teddy RC on facebook
    thanks to David Suxdorf Worlsd 2016 champion
    he will rulles the rocks, he will be the comp chief organizer on the rocks
    Thanks to all the other members of the team who work in silence for the good of the discipline

    A BIG THANKS to the organizer of the 3 model show where we will have 3 races
    Molines Model Show

    31ème Avignon Model Show

    19ème Salon International du modélisme La Seyne sur Mer
    Les Argonautes

    race 1 DRAVE TECH ....................paca.............09-avril
    race 2 FARINA..............................paca.......... ...28-mai
    race 3 Crawler big...........22-23 juillet
    race 4 Crawler Innovations.............molines........18-20 aout
    race 5 Crawler Innovations.............paca.............17-sept
    race 6 RC4WD..............................avignon........ .28-29 oct
    race 7 GPM seyne.........4-5 nov

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    Retour de la 4 ème manche du championnat de France de crawler a Molines dans le Queyras . il c'est dérouler 4 course en 2.2M et 4 course en 2.2S et aussi 2 course en 1.9 . les course ce sont passer à merveille car en 1.9 je gagne devant David Suxdorf . En 2.2M je finit 2 ème derrière Pat Ba avec un DAHU . En 2.2S je finit 3 ème un week-end super bien avec un retour a la maison avec 3 trophée .😀 merci a Frédéric Francois pour m'avoir préparer ma machine. 👍😀