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    Hello everyone a Quick post from me with a little about Myself.
    I was asked by Tom if i wanted top be part of the Rc4wd Driver Team.

    I jumped at the Chance like anyone would.
    So for those who dont know me:-
    My Name is Neil and i live in London UK.
    Screen Name has Always been Dready.
    No Dreadlocks here though, dont ask long story.
    33 Years Old 2 kids living in Sin. (She hasn't got me Down the Aisle yet.)
    I work for Her Majesty's Prison Service as an Industrial Craftsman, and I'm currently going back to College one day a week to get all my Plumbing Qualifications.

    I have been tinkering with RC cars for as long as i can remember.
    Started with the Sand Scorcher and Various Touring Cars.
    Had a Break when i Discovered Girls and Drinking.
    Grew up settled down and decided that now i was earning a reasonable amount of money that i would go back to Rc cars and Trucks.
    Various catastrophes later i stumbled on the Tamiya Hi-lift and have been hooked on Scale Trucks ever since.

    Frequent Loitering on various online forums has led me here.
    I'm mainly a Scale kind of Builder but i have recently put together a 2.2 Comp rig just waiting on a Dig.

    So i wont bore you with all my builds but here's some of my most Recent.

    Toyota 4 Runner Axial Axles

    OG Ivan Stewart Hilux.

    Toyota Extracab Hi-lift Axles

    Toyota Tundra Axial Axles

    2.2 Comp Rig Bully Axles Current Venture

    Latest 1.9 Hilux Project

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    Hi Dready. Congrats.

    Are you planning on doing any comps if so where are they? I would love to see you truck in action


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      Hello Neil,

      allow me to congratulate you too. I'm located in germany, so maybe
      we can keep in contact, because we are the "European" guys.

      Greetings Frank
      Wanna be a rock star
      the gentlemen of rock


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        Hi Neil

        Any updates on your Bully? Looking foward to seeing it compete next season.


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          Originally posted by neilus View Post
          Hi Neil

          Any updates on your Bully? Looking foward to seeing it compete next season.

          Were not worried about him competing. He builds some great scale rigs.


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            Welcome to the team...wicked builds you've got sir!
            RC4WD Team Builder
            CRAWL CANADA

            Gathering Scale RC junkies Nation wide!