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  • First R/C Build

    I'm just starting my first R/C build. I'm Building an 8x8 thinking of running dual tires on both back axles and four axle steering, I'm posting here to get suggestions on electronics and motor/tranny setups. I'm gonna try and run a leaf spring setup if i can if not i'll run 4-link. It wont need alot of travel cause im building it to be a snowplow

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    Good on you for diving into the deep end for your first scratch build.

    One thing I would recommend is to use an R2 or similar transmission that uses 32 dp gears.
    What you have there with an 8x8 is a LOT of transmission drag, and then you are going to be shoveling snow. You will need that 32 dp gearbox because I am thinking you will need to get yourself a 1/8th size brushless motor combo to generate the torque required.
    1/8th motors have a 5mm shaft, and 32 dp 5mm i.d. pinions are easy to come by.

    Most 1/8th motors are 2000kv or less, which is what you want. Most big esc's can run on 2S (7.4v) and that would provide you with berzerko pulling power when geared down, the way we do, and still not turn over any faster than the standard RS540 that come with Tamiya kits.

    Just a note there, the Hobbywing 80 and 150 amp esc's claim that they can do 2 - 6 cells. I have found this to be not correct, they do not function right on 2S. Mamba Max Monster's do like a star.


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      Hey, i figure go big or go home!!

      Thanks for the advice i was kinda stuck on what to run for a motor/tranny combo im gonna be running dual motors so i guess ill have to run dual esc's as well, cant seem to find 1/8th dual motor esc

      thanks again