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    Hello all, new to the community. I have a TF2 LWB chassis kit ordered and should be in transit (really wanted the Marlin Crawler) this will be my first leaf spring tiny truck. I also wanted to order axle U-bolts and a number other upgrade parts which are currently out of stock. When sale items are out of stock at the time of the sale it is common practice with most retailers to issue rain checks for the item at the sale price. I'm wondering if RC4WD issues rain checks for out of stock items so one can take advantage of holiday discounts. I'm also curious how long it typically takes for out of stock items to be re-stocked. Thanks!
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    I'm not speaking for RC4WD, I am speaking from experience with various retailers (and worked for a major department store chain for almost ten years).

    No rain checks. Most sales, especially deep markdowns, are on in-stock items only. As a mater of fact, many places include that in their fine print, and some in the not-so-fine print. Lots of times, the sales are to get rid of stock to make room for more. That rational applies to most deep markdowns/sales.

    Rain checks are a thing of the past, from a time when credit cards were copied on carbon paper.

    Again, not speaking for RC4WD.

    On another note, you can click the [Put me on the waiting list] button on the product page of the item you want that is out of stock, and get notified via email when a product is back in stock. Most online retailers offer similar notification techniques.
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      Yeah I know all about the waiting list.