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old time Clod, want to upgrade

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  • old time Clod, want to upgrade

    Been a long time since I have done anything in the RC world. My kid is starting to get old enough that he might be able to have some fun with it so was thinking about bringing my toys into the 21st century. I have a Clod that I customed, mostly off of this site, only thing that is original is axle housings and transmission and ESC. I would really like to convert to Lithium and brushless. I would like to mount batteries on axle if at all possible, i have flat mounts for that now. I am looking for crawler only, slow speeds. This thing is WAY to big to be a scaler, but I want that kind of functionality. I can't recall what tires I have on it, but I know they are 40's and about 7.5inch tall, don't know if there are better servos out now or not. I think mine were roughly 140oz. Looking for a front and rear steer as well. I did the stupid and ran an airplane remote on it to get 4 channel steer (never went near anyone else), but I want to fix that now, so a new radio is in the mix.

    If anyone could help me out with some suggestions on what kinds of cans, esc, battery, a good multi channel surface radio, etc to help bring me up to current.