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  • Looking for an RC enthusiast

    Hi Guys!

    I'm Ed. I've just created my website about all kinds of RC vehicles. I make some buying guides, product reviews, fun content, etc. I'm crazy about it, but my knowledge isn't as deep as it needs to be.

    I want to provide engaging and expert content to my readers. I want to make a benefit for newbies and hobbyists also. So I decided to invite someone who can edit my articles and make them much expert, engaging and useful for readers (It looks like editor/proofreader position).

    The candidate should have:

    1) Deep knowledge in RC vehicles (cars, heli, planes, boats, submarines etc.)

    2) If you have copywriting experience it will be a big plus

    3) Free time, enthusiasm and interest in working with an ambitious project

    I can offer:

    1) Good payment for your work
    2) Flexible schedule (1-2 hours per day will be enough at the start)
    3) Opportunity to develop with the project
    4) Opportunity write your own posts inside the website
    5) Opportunity to work with an exciting and ambitious project in the strong-willed team

    If it's about you and you want to be part - please, write to me:

    Email: [email protected]

    Or answer here!

    Thanks for your attention,