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    I had a new RC4WD Gelande 2 and K44 axles waiting for a project like this. It just so happens that the wheelbase in stock form is perfect for the Nikko FJ Cruiser body. Not to mention the chassis allows for a full interior.

    I thoroughly enjoy the look of a solid axle under the front of the FJeep Cruise.

    This body is pretty old and busted so I have to cracks to fix.

    Hey Uncle Albert! Where did the doors go?

    Look at all the room for interiorisms!

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    I have the front suspension all figured out so I have some pictures to show.

    The R3 transmission has the ability rotate the motor mount so I gave it a few clicks to allow the steering to come from the correct side.

    It didn't take much modifying of the parts. Basically you put everything on the opposite side.

    Decided on 1.7 steel wheels from RC4WD with some of their Warn hubs.

    Stock bumper removed for something more protective. This is a cralwer after all. I also want to detail some of the goings on behind it.

    Lucky for me I took pictures of my FJ while the front bumper was off so I could have something to reference with toy trucks.


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      great work you didi, i really like this body
      http://<a href="</a></a>Greetings Udo

      Sorry for english it is horrible


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        Roof rack delete.

        This is how she's going to sit.

        Started on the floor and stuff. Diamond plate door sill like the big guy.


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          I died and came back to life in a new workshop. Now that it's set up I can start building trucks again.

          First order of business was to make a nice crwalrer bumper for cheating.

          I think this is the first time I ever put thought into approach angle.

          Next I made a set of simple sliders... for sliding.

          Then I started on a crappy dashboard. Waiting on some more 'rene tubes.


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            A little dash action for the evening.


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              My 5 day vacation from work starts today. Between yard work and working on the big FJ I'm going to try to work on this as much as I can. Dang, sounds like I'm not on vacation at all.

              Rough start on the door jambs.

              I made a resin copy of the cowl vents because I didn't want to cut up the stock Nikko glass anymore than I had to.

              I think it needs a snorkel. I'll make that today.


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                Let there be paint.

                And snorkels. Let there be paint and snorkels.

                Now it can crawl on water.

                I also finished my CC-01 FJ Cruiser.

                It's made with bits of real FJ so you know it's good.

                (leftovers from rear bumper install)



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                  Metal Tech tube doors, spare tire mount and receiver hitch.

                  Body in primer awaiting final sanding.


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                    Paint is on. Going with the 2013 Trail Teams color scheme.


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                      Did some bits and pieces. This makes it go fast.

                      Spruced up an Axial receiver box.

                      Gotta be able to hear the distress signals from Jeeps on the trail.

                      RC4WD Mojave light kit



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                        The captain of this ship, Creepy Uncle Albert, checking under the bonnet. I bet you didn't even know from the build thread that it opened. I think I forgot to picture it before.

                        Interior. I added some grab handles to the roll bar but they're hard to see.

                        The "I didn't know they had 3 windshield wipers" shot.

                        Made a Rotopax gas can for the spare.

                        Detailed the underside with some brake lines, exhaust pipe and a fill plug.

                        This shows that the driver likes cats and cwalrers.

                        Are you ready for some cwarling!?!

                        This is when Albert almost gave me a heart attack. Some enthusiastic driving nearly flipped the turk but he pulled through. I need to turn the drag brake up.

                        All that money on tiny trees paying off.

                        Down the Smiggin's Staircase. One of my favorite pics from today.

                        Overall shot of the off road park

                        Obligatory FJ Cruisers shot.


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                          Looks FANTASTIC. Tires, wheels, color, driver ... nice job!
                          Team Driver for Race730


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                              Really nice Fj. Did you make that clear front window yourself?