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Gelande 2 chassis compression (winks at me)???

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  • Gelande 2 chassis compression (winks at me)???

    I just finished building my Gelande 2 with many optional pieces which include exo-cage, aluminum front and rear bumpers with a winch and driver. Stock wheels and tires but added Pro Line 90mm shocks with stiff springs due to all the weight. Using a Tekin 35T and ESC and Castle BEC. I am experiencing two issues which I cannot understand or fix:
    1) chassis compresses on the right hand side when turning left, but not so when turning right (is this due to the 3-link, or is it called bump steer?). Less pronounced when body removed.
    2) front tires sidewall seem to cave/deform when turning right or left (do I need stiffer foam?).

    Any thoughts on how to correct the above issues would be greatly appreciated.

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    1 sounds like body roll due to the heavy hard body and accessories. The panhard bar prevents the bump steer so you likely aren't getting that.

    2, stiffer foams probably needed for all the extra weight you added.


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      Could the chassis compression possibly be corrected by my end-point-adjustments on my Futaba 4PL?