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    Originally posted by 25aniv View Post
    Good to know! That won't bother me at all. There are no such thing as comps around here and trailing is pretty much done by one's self so that can get a little boring but I enjoy the building and tinkering more anyway
    I crawled alone for over two years before joining a local club. I started out with a LOSI Micro Crawler for Christmas 2009, the next Christmas I got an SCX-10 Honcho kit. I built that and crawled on rocks in a ditch for most of 2011 and part of 2012 before joining a local club. I got interested in comps a few years later.

    I understand the alone game. It was fun nonetheless.


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      I addressed the short driveshafts by ordering some of the RC4WD Ultra Punisher Shafts (93.7mm - 115mm / 3.69" - 4.53") 5mm Hole. These are a plastic bodied driveshaft with metal couplings. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a set of pre-production units to test last year, and I liked what I saw. I currently run those driveshafts on agent ORANGE, and I think these production units will do great on this truck.

      Here is a comparison to the metal ones I took off. Both are near full extension.

      Here they are installed. The front does touch the transmission at full stuff, but it shouldn't interfere with performance.

      Another item I needed to check off the list was side windows. I completed this small project on agent ORANGE. Below are some photos where I made those side windows.

      They are hard to see, but they are in.

      I also secured Bernie in the interior with some black E-6000. I didn't take a photo of that because it was just gluing her in the seat.
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        The work continues as I try to knock stuff off the list.

        One thing that is needed on most G2 chassis electronic set-ups is a pair of extended motor wires. I warmed up the soldering gun on the workbench in my sub-freezing garage last evening as I prepared to add some female bullet connectors to a pair of motor wires I had removed from another motor a while back. Turns out, they were the length I needed to place the ESC in the stock location, which is a requirement in the C2Spec class this truck will compete in.

        Now, here is the one thing I have been waiting to show you that I think total changes the attitude of this truck -- a TF2 Marlin Crawler front bumper.

        For those familiar with the G2 chassis and those running the Cruiser body set, you know the front bumper can be a drag (pun). It protrudes way out front greeting everything in it's path. While I have continued to use it with some success on agent ORANGE, this truck would benefit from some addition approach angle because of the smaller tires. So, I brainstormed a minute or two and thought, "What about a TF2 bumper?" I tried a stock TF2 bumper that I had lying around for proof of concept, and it looked great, and it provided the approach angle I was after. It also still had a place for a winch. So, I had my good friends at RC4WD ship me a RC4WD Marlin Crawler Front Winch Bumper w/Stinger for Trail Finder 2. As you may know, the TF2 chassis bumper mounts work on the front of the G2 chassis. For now, I used a #1 plastic mount from a TF2 kit. I will replace the plastic one with an RC4WD #1 Aluminum Bumper Mount For Trail Finder 2 once they are back in stock.

        With the stock placement of the servo on the G2 chassis, the bumper would have to be modified to get it fully in the bumper mount without touching the servo mount. Out came the dremel and a cut-off disk.

        I only cut the one bumper thing that would interfere with the servo mount. I took off two of the four available holes, and got into the third hole. It worked as expected once modified.

        Another modification I had to do (that I didn't show) was cutting off the ends of the bumper to clear the front fenders. I simply installed the bumper, marked at the fender, and back to the dremel and the cut-off disk. I may paint the newly exposed metal, but a sharpie worked for now.

        I added an RC4WD 1/10 Warn 9.5cti Winch and an RC4WD 1/10 Warn Warn Hawse Fairlead (Black). I think it looks great, and gives the truck a little attitude. It looks more like the ICON version.
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          Oh man, that TF2 bumper does look awesome on there! Love it!


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            Originally posted by 25aniv View Post
            Oh man, that TF2 bumper does look awesome on there! Love it!


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              Worked on a few items this past weekend. I added some RC4WD Tough Armor Side Slider for G2 Cruiser, and worked on waterproofing the BEC.

              Here is the BEC propped up waiting for the liquid tape to dry. I take a kid's medicine syringe you get at the local pharmacy (they are free if you ask for them), and pull in some liquid electrical tape, and then fill the void in the BEC from both ends. It takes a few tries to get all the air out and the void full of liquid tape. I have tried removing the blue heat shrink cover and painting them, then adding new heat shrink, but that is more work and material than this method. I've used this method the past few year with no failures. *Knock on wood*

              I need to add decals, cut/paint/install the inner fenders, and place electronics, then this one should be good to go.
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                I need to add decals.
                I need to cut/paint the inner fenders.
                I need to place electronics.
                I need to install the inner fenders.
                Last thing left to do. They will be installed tonight.

                No photos. Too busy going in and out of the garage applying spray plasti-dip to the inner fenders.


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                  So, I didn't have the cojones to run this rig because I didn't want to damage it. The courses would have definitely left a mark (and broken pieces). We are using the Class 2 courses for Class 2 Spec, and (as bad as I hate to say it) this rig will not do as well as other lexan bodied rigs on those courses. I think I will reserve this rig for G6 type events. I just can't beat on it like I did agent ORANGE.

                  I still plan to add an aluminum bumper mount, and maybe a few other things. I'll update as I make changes.


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                    Here's what this rig weighs, ready to run with battery and all.

                    And, a look at the chassis with electronics in place, ready to run. You can see the inner fenders installed, also.

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                      Originally posted by btoungette View Post
                      I still plan to add an aluminum bumper mount, and maybe a few other things. I'll update as I make changes.
                      I finally got around to getting an aluminum bumper mount -- RC4WD #1 ALUMINUM BUMPER MOUNT FOR TRAIL FINDER 2. I received that and replaced the plastic one with the more-better aluminum one.

                      Here is the plastic one and the aluminum one sharing the spotlight.

                      I didn't take a photo of the aluminum one installed because you wouldn't be able to see the difference. It does a better job of supporting the bumper with less flex. Recommended worthy upgrade.

                      Another thing I debated was the type of metal cage to install. Any metal cage adds weight, and this rig is already heavy, but I plan to not run the top. Without the top, the metal cage adds necessary protection to the upper doors and windshield.

                      I installed an RC4WD TOUGH ARMOR TUBE ROLL BAR FOR G2 CRUISER in agentORANGE; so, I knew it was good. The other option I was considering was a more traditional cage for Cruisers, RC4WD TOUGH ARMOR METAL TUBE CAGE FOR G2 CRUISER. I felt like the Roll bar would look better with the direction the build was going.

                      Stock cage.



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                        Let's do a little updating... It's been a long time since I have posted. I have been doing no crawling, but have done some tinkering on and off. I have now sold all my other rigs; so, this one gets some attention.

                        Since the last post, I stripped this rig down and removed a few things in order to try and sell it. I removed the electronics and the metal cage, installed the top and stock wheels and tires. Nothing ever came of trying to sell it; so, it has sat on the shelf for months.

                        A few weeks ago, I started getting things back in place.

                        Like I mentioned, I had already put the top back on. I went back and installed the metal cage that I previously had installed. You can see it through the windows below.

                        I changed back to the wheel and tire combo that I chose when prepping for the C2Spec class in 2018 -- TSS Rock Monster beadlocks with RC4WD Atturo Trail Blade M/T 1.9" Scale Tires. I had already added the scale hardware and Vanquish Products XD centers, but this time I added some beef patties that I had left in my spare wheel/tire/foam box.

                        Another thing I had changed was the front bumper. I removed the RC4WD Marlin Crawler Front Winch Bumper w/Stinger for Trail Finder 2 and the RC4WD #1 Aluminum Bumper Mount For Trail Finder 2 from this rig and installed it on agentORANGE. I installed the stock bumper with an RC4WD 1/10 Warn 9.5cti Winch and an RC4WD 1/10 Warn Hawse Fairlead (Black). I think the stock bumper looks better when the top is installed on the truck.

                        I still have to sort out some electronics. I'll update when that is complete.


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                          Well, another one comes to an end. I had promised an update with electronics, but I ended up selling the truck before I could post a proper update. So, no more updates from me on this one.

                          RAFFLE-1 will be enjoying some time in Costa Rica now. Enjoy!