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  • Land Rover Defender Heritage Edition

    So as some would have seen on my social media posts, the new Land Rover Heritage Edition arrived.

    I’ve been wanting to build a heritage edition Land Rover for a while now but at the time when I was building my other Gelande d90 there simply wasn’t many items around that are more specific to the heritage edition trucks so I decided to sit it out for a future project and with this new release I’m really glad I did.

    As you can see the truck is stunning and packed with details, sure if you don’t have the current d90 body and this new fully licensed body next to each other it could be hard to tell them apart bar ones a pickup etc. Sitting the trucks next to each other it’s clear to see just how much more detail the new heritage edition packs.

    The body panel lines are more prominent and flow beautifully around the truck, even the opening doors could easily be mistaken for being fixed as they shut so perfectly in the body.

    Window surrounds are painted along with the light bases to represent the rubber seals you would find on the real trucks,
    all the body rivets are a lot more prominent along with panel edging Flowing into each other which I found faded at the edges on my Gelande 2 d90.

    IT also sports the unique heritage edition features such as grille, headlights, vents and interior which are very important to getting this truck just right.

    One thing I’ve loved from day one with RC4WD is how well boxed the kits are and this truck was no different being RTR, it came securely fitted to its base, fully film wrapped body and a nice foam piece holding the transmitter along with supporting the truck from rattling on its suspension.

    So what’s in the box? Well you get your truck, 3 channel 2.4ghz transmitter. A 3000mah 7.2v Nimh battery and charger with multiple plug fittings, 4 AA batteries for the transmitter along with 2 sets of wing mirrors one of them being rubber and the over being Adjustable plastic, the booklet and sticker/decal sheet. So truly RTR.

    Unfortunately the weather hasn’t been great to take the truck out especially with wanting to get pictures of it’s first outing but I did have a quick test run in my garden, nothing serious but we do have a relatively steep bank which can prove difficult to some trucks from either tipping backwards, not having enough grunt or just wheelspin but this climbed up as if it was flat and the added weight really made the body roll about just like the full size versions.

    So after waffling on I’ll leave you with these pictures and be happy to answer any questions.

    I’m planning a special trip when we can to the beach that Land Rover was first designed and released and hopefully try and remake the old pictures in scale.

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    Screenshot_20200711_091315.jpgI may get the new body for my old gelande2 if they sell it alone. Is it same size with the old version?

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      Great looking truck. As far as I can see they’re pretty identical, the pickup does appear slightly bigger but the wheelbase and width are the same, the new truck does have new body mounts with inner clips like you have on the Land cruiser kit which is a lot easier to work with when changing the battery etc but if you want more measurements I’m happy to send what you want/need.

      i’m planning a build with the new licensed body in the future but have some other builds in the pipe line first.


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        If the wheelbase and the width are close, mounting the body is not the problem. I will diy the magnetic brackets for fixing the body. Thanks!


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          I am the new owner of a Heritage Edition. Disassembling the truck I found all but the transfer case gears had grease but none of the bearings had anything. Not unexpected but especially concerning a the axle ends where water is likely to enter. Went back together we'll with thread locker of course.

          I added a Hobbywing 1080 for more control along with a reciever for the 6 channel GT5. Have plenty of motors to burn up before buying something better.

          The interior is well detailed except for the door panels which could use an armrest. Painted mine close to the original.

          The floppy mirrors will not stay using the provided grub screws. Tried Shoe Goo and black Permatex silicone adhesive. Second is best but still a no go. I ended up using 10x2mm screws and nuts painted black Screws poke through easily and nut will stay with some thread locker. Not noticable in the least and works.

          RC4WD doesn't have much for this body yet and old accessories are discontinued. Even the light kit listed is nowhere on the site. Hope more is coming for these great bodies. Especially need some protection.

          Really like the looks of the BFG KM3 tires. They are shown with the old D90 but at 4.09" may be tight. Dirt Grabbers aren't my favorite.

          Need Green Slime, even after greasing the O rings one shock still leaking bad.