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1/18 Gelande Camel Trophy Build

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  • 1/18 Gelande Camel Trophy Build

    Hello all, this is my first scale rc truck build, and is still a work in progress. I've yet to see a really detailed micro gelande d90 done up in the camel theme, so I thought I would attempt to replicate one as accurately as possible, "minus the paint as I did not wish to mix a custom color...Tamiya camel yellow it is!" I chose the 1985 model year won by Heinz Kallin and Bernd Strohdach, primarilly because the d90 was used and, there are a few good pictures I was able to find that depicted the vehicle well. I hope you enjoy following along! I'm using a combination of CChand, KD models, Crawler Central, scratch built, and will be using a donor di cast model for the interior that has yet to be purchased.

    First things First, ditching the factory power train for the Crawler Central aluminum dual engine mount. The motors are 300rpm mated to a gear reduction unit. This kit requires drilling and tapping the factor universal shaft to accommodate a set screw. One thing to mention the screw supplied in the kit and tap were so minuscule I botched the reaming for the threads and had to go up a size to 2.5mm. Which ended up being way better as I was now able to get a normal sized allen key on the set screw and a larger surface area. One other issue that crept up during running tests was that the drive shafts were binding slightly until I slid them nearly up to the motor mount screws. I also used a small washer to take up some slop at the pumpkin which required ditching the factory C clip, it is however still completely secure thanks to the retaining pin.


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    Paint. Phew. This has been a challenge. The disassembly, masking, spray painting, and fine line hand painting, all take so much time to do correctly. This is really a test of patience for me to let things properly dry in steps. My sloppy mistakes I plan to hide with final weathering effects. For those interested I painted the body and wheels first with Tamiya PS-1 white, then once dried with PS-19 Camel Yellow. The white went down first to minimize the orange color effect this paint is known for, it’s still off a bit compared to the actual trucks, but close enough for my liking. The CC hand top rack, rear ladder, roll bar, and factory fender flares were done in Model Master 1949 flat black.


    Finally starting to look like something!


    Making and mounting the snorkel, thank you sandkil for the how too info!


    Stay tuned.. I have leapfrogged ahead, just haven't photographed it lately.


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      Some more progress.. I chose to go with the Bbrago Range Rover Safari Experience die cast model in 1/24 scale as my donor vehicle. As you’ll see from the pictures the scale is a bit off, but for the parts I planned to utilize “mainly interior, and accessories” it doesn’t look half bad. I found it on ebay for $25 shipped. Hacking up this little beauty was disheartening, I liked it so much I might buy another just as a display model.


      I chopped about half of the coils off the shock springs to get the desired stance and articulation, and am in the process of painting, and mounting the interior in a way that’s easily removable from the hard shell after installation if I choose to add a driver figure. I also installed the KD models rear tire mount, and added the some of the decals. Next up is painting the bull bumper, interior, and spare wheel.