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    Just taken delivery of my bronco gelande and first impressions are good. I have however mad a couple of mods and come across a couple of minor annoyances! Took a wheel off and found the axle thread on one wheel has part stripped so the wheelnut doesn't tighten. Then I added some grease to the shock inners (not a drop of oil in them from the factory!) and also added more grease to the diffs. Finally moved the lower links inboard at axle end.
    Once thing that has really bugged me is that the stock lipo that comes with the truck doesn't fit under the bronco shell meaning you can seat the body full down onto the mounting points. Pretty poor oversight in my opinion, also how annoying that the power switch is only accessible when the body is off!

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    In regards to the Battery, we have a replacement battery tray that will fix that. Due to the batteries not all being the same exact size, we offer this tray to give more space there for different sized batteries.

    Looking forward to seeing your rig.