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Papawheelie’s mini D90

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  • Papawheelie’s mini D90

    I've had this Gelande mini for quite a while now, but figured its time to put up a little thread about it! I didn't originally plan on doing a build thread so I don't have too many pics to share but I'll show you what i got.
    First i figured it needed a personal touch and what better way than some paint! Masked off the fenders, mirrors, grille, windows and roof. Yes you can remove most of those parts, but I was a little scared at first of breaking something. Heres a pic about halfway through that process (pardon the messy build space!)

    heres the link to the RTR Gelande mini D90:

    The kit I bought was the older one with a black body. You can still find the black body here:
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    After much debating I made up my mind on Tamiya AS-19 Intermediate Blue.


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      I decided not to mask the light lenses and use DOT 3 fluid to remove the paint off them. Wish I had just masked them lol


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        Here it is with most of the painting done. Had to see what it looked like with the Boggers and an ARB diff cover.

        Interco super swamper tsl/bogger micro tires:

        ARB diff cover:


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          My trucks need lights as I don’t always have time during the day to hit the trails. These leds I picked up off eBay. Prewired with 2 5mm whites and 2 3mm reds and they plug right into the receiver. Just needed to trim a lot of excess wiring but super easy to set up.

          I also picked up the CC Hand roof rack and rear ladder. I loaded up the rack with some scale goodies and I had some old plastic losi trail trekker wheels that I used as a lightweight spare.

          Rear ladder:
          Roof rack:


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            Best upgrade I’ve done so far was swapping the stock rec/esc combo with a Castle Sidewinder 2 micro esc and a Spektrum SR310 receiver. The upgraded esc gives you much better low end control for lower speeds and smoother descents.
            I also removed some of the dash with a dremel to squeeze the 850mah battery up front. In addition to the battery up front I added some stick on lead weights to the underside of the electronics tray and some trail trekker brass wheel weights that fit nicely behind the grille area.