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D90 build with more power

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  • D90 build with more power

    Another one from my collection I thought I would share.

    After searching for a truck that I could fit into a backpack for when we went away but also something that looks good whilst it wasn’t being used meant the only option was the mini gelande.

    after a few outings the motor decided to give up so I set about looking for upgrades as with most my builds I tend to upgrade as and when things fail.

    i wasn’t a fan of the twin motor setup you see online due to the open gears and decided to go for an original replacement motor.

    upon stripping down the motor I decided to clean the grease out of the transfer case and axles which I replaced with model railway oil since working in a hobby shop that deals with model railways and seeing how long the trains last with what little oil they have on the gears.

    i’ve now had countless outings with the little truck and cannot believe how much of a difference it has made. If anything between the added grip provided by the super swampers and the extra power it’s abit to much for what I need.

    Thank you for reading.