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The JDM Hilux.

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  • The JDM Hilux.

    My Stumpy Hilux build has been sitting on the shelf for a while now. I'd kind of lost interest in it, so I've decided to sell it and make another body for the TF2 chassis.

    I thought this time I'd keep the full length bed, I always seem to be making Hilux's shorter!
    This one also has a bit of a JDM theme, inspired by a picture of an old Japanese brochure I found online.

    Stumpy is going to be winging its way to New York. To star in Law and Order SVU. Or something..

    This has left me with an empty TF2 chassis..

    What to do with this?

    I thought I'd do something unique, new and truly pioneering.

    A hilux.

    Something new for me will be keeping the full length bed. Long is the new short.

    Oops. That's no Tiyote!!

    That's better! I've had a tamiya cab for a while so I ordered a tamiya bed and a drop bed, inner fender etc kit from sir nOOb. An RC4WD rear window ensures there's no discrimination..

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    I beat the body up a bit by heating it up and pushing a rock into it, stretching bits and generally making a mess of it.

    Then I added some hook thingies. For hooking things on. I made them out of welding wire, bent, shaped and drilled into the body. Nice and strong!

    Under the orange is a coat of red oxide/brown/other stuff so when I rub it back/scratch it...


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      I've gone with orange. Because I love noobs orange Lux. Orange!

      To mix things up a little I've added. Geeenuine Tiyote stripe.

      Damn badge fell off!

      I opened up the grill, tedious but worth it..


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        The slightly tidier 1:1

        Wing mirrors stolen from the JDM stylee brat.


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          I'll patch up the OG mirror holes.

          The rear window is recycled from Stumpy before it lost it's roof. Another fun link to the old body...


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            Time has been scarce the last couple of weeks, Christmas, family, work, stuff but I've got the transfer case and body mounted.

            Some tidying up to do back there but it's mounted as!

            Hello ramp-over!!



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              I've nearly got my pilot sorted, just a bit of detailing and flat coating to do.

              Here's JDM Jim. And a nice seat cover..



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                Awesome work buddy. I love your attention to detail.


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                  Originally posted by Troopy View Post
                  Awesome work buddy. I love your attention to detail.

                  Thanks man. The detailing is the fun bit!


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                    I totally agree. I'm now busy with a build myself, and the detailing is also keeping me busy.


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                      I like this truck


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                        Thanks Mr nOOB!


                        Very little updates, but still it's something right?

                        Time to be dashing. RHD dashing.. I had a spare TF2 dash, being so simple makes them good for chopping. A little cut, a little bog later..

                        Because airbags are for softies..

                        Looong throw shifterer. Still plenty more to do...

                        A steering damper. For dampening.

                        And after some hacksawing and filing, clips to hold the body down. They clip over the moulding for the body screws.

                        It now has an exhaust for exhausting, the rhd dash is coming along and I made an aerial, for tunes. Well, I made a 1/9 coathanger..

                        Couldn't afford a filler cap..

                        Added stickers. For extra JDM...



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                          Very nice! Loving the "headliner"

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                            All I can say is WOW !


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                              Thanks guys!

                              Some quick electric stuffing and it lives!! Still some detailing jobs to do but it's a runner. It survived a quick test run in the backyard so it's time to take it for a proper run!