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Mojave to Blazer conversion

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  • Mojave to Blazer conversion

    I recently purchased a TF2 RTR kit with the intention of over time converting it to a Blazer. Shortly after purchasing the kit, my wife ordered me the Blazer body. I am in the process of painting the body like my fathers old blazer that I grew up riding in.
    im taking it slow and doing it a little at a time. I’d like to start gathering the parts to relocate the steering servo in preparation for the scale motor and trans, steering stabilizer, double shock hoops for the front, ect.
    as far as interior, what kind of material do you use to cover the seats? I’m assuming something very thin to maintain the contours of the seats.
    many help would be appreciated.

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    Annnd just found the list in the back of the instruction booklet.