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  • Team Sponsorship Information

    I will be using this thread to inform you of how you could become a Team Driver for RC4WD.

    We get a lot of requests and inquiries about sponsorship. Obviously we can’t sponsor every person seeking a sponsorship. We at RC4WD would love to be able to help many people out, but this just isn't possible. RC4WD gives several items away to large event, clubs, and forum giveaway's. We also give many items out for public testing as well.

    There are already some members to the RC4WD team. We may be looking for a few new members soon. Here is a short list for the time being to think about to become a sponsored driver for RC4WD.

    1. Good typing and speaking skills. You need to be able to help other drivers and people with questions about RC4WD products. Both at a competition and on the forums.

    2. Compete in events in you local area, regionally, or even nationally.

    3. Be able to test new items. Report back to RC4WD with photo's and documentation on how the product worked.

    4. Resume. No more than 2 pages. Include your RC career, crawling or racing. Clubs or organizations you run with. A brief listing of your finishing spots. (please also send your forum names, and forums you frequent)

    5. References. We prefer hobby shops and/or club presidents.

    6. Enjoy running RC cars. This is one of the most important. You need to have fun. Winning or losing, you need to have a good attitude. If this is not you, please don't apply.

    Global Team Manager
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    Thanks for your interest in becoming part of the RC4WD Factory Team Program. RC4WD looks for representatives that are not only top competitors but, more