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  • order 34346

    still no joy on my order ive been in contact with hong kong postal and this is what they have replyed with can some body help me get my order please Dear Customer,

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    We regret have no posting records of EE813089184HK being received in our
    system up till this moment. Would you please re-confirm with the sender for
    the correct item number and provide us for tracking.

    Without the proper item number, we are unable to ascertain whether the mail
    was posted through Hongkong Post or not. Please contact your sender /
    supplier direct for the matter.

    Best regards
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    Looks to me like its waiting to be shipped?

    Outward Speedpost

    Item Number: EE813089184HK
    Posting Date Posting Time Drop-off Point
    16-Mar-2012 20:21 Pick Up Service

    Date # Location Delivery Status
    16-Mar-2012 Hong Kong Item posted and is being processed.

    # Location Date

    I'm waiting for bits as well I got a Shipping Confirmation on the 7th of March Saying

    Dear Customer,
    Your package is on its way to you already.

    It left on the 13th March.

    And another side note I got another email regarding another parcel i'm waiting for on the 9th March that said:-

    Dear Customer,

    Your package is on its way to you already.

    It left Hong Kong today 7 Days Later

    So maybee there's a problem with the Post in hong kong at the moment?

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      To add from the Big Cheese :-

      There is a delay in shipping from HK. Its a tough process. We are working on improving. Its a bit new to us.



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        okay thanx
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          Hi Rastan Havock,

          Please check your email. The package is in UK custom now, we still going to further investigate on our shipping company. Also we will offer you a partial refund on the shipping fee.


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            i got my truck 2 days ago thanx
            shogun's rule