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Almost finished the Blazer

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  • Almost finished the Blazer

    Painted it about a year ago and got so aggravated trying to get leds I’m the rear I sat it on the shelf and left it there till now. Little wheels and tires are with stock kind of flattened out leaf springs. Put a fresh set of tamiya leaf springs on it and put some swampers under it. Still needs a hair more lift, leds finished, emblems put on and some silver pin stripe between the yellow and white.
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    Nice looking K5. Love the paint job and wheels.

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      Classic color combo for a K5, looks great!


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        That is one nice K5. Great work

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          Thanks guys. Wheels and tires are straight from China but they're beadlocks and the tires are just the right size. I had a set of proline swampers but they were too big in diameter so I took a chance on these. Tires and wheels were only about $65 shipped total. Still some details to go but so far I love it.