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Timber Wolf 1/10 Scale Vehicle Kit

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  • Timber Wolf 1/10 Scale Vehicle Kit

    Hello Together

    I tell you once I would bin.Mein name is Torsten.Ich come from Deutschland.Ich am 21 years old and Xbox360 games like go to the cinema and my Tamiya F350, part 1 U2400 Trial Chassie.Ich am by this page Rc4Wd. com on this car came Timberwolf 1 / 10 Scale Vehicle Kit.

    I have a few questions.
    Is there RC4wd the lights, winds and the Jeep Body to buy because if so how many U.S. dollars it cost? I would like to Timberwolf as he RC4Wd in the video to see the costs ist.Was then when the so - as in the video?

    I hope you understand my English.Sorry not so good.

    Thank you for your help

    Yours sincerely, Torsten

  • #2 RC4WD Timberwolf HPI Rubicon Body

    Hope those help
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      it has a bit help.Woher because you get a winch? vllt still works.

      How to make the side panels in the Chassie?

      Thank you Torsten


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        lots of options for side panels those panels are just lexan sheet cut to shape.. you could also use thin aluminum... the easiest way to make them is to just trace the tube frame onto the clear lexan thin trim it out, then paint..


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          crazy as it sounds I found the thin for sale or private property signs you can get about anywhere works really well for side panels


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            Mein Deutch ist nicht so gut, aber das Jeep body kostet $25 US.

            Die andere scale dinge kanst du gebraucht auf diese seiten.


            Das solte dir hilfen.



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              Look to the bottom of the Timberwolf pages and you will find some links for parts used on my Timberwolf. You can also print a cutout for the lexan side panels. There is also an body mounting instuction sheet too.

              More questions....ask away!


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                Hello boys

                Thank you for your good Hilf.Echt the Forum here.
                Your answers have really helped me.

                Your German is really SUPER

                A few questions I have noch.Welche engines used it and what speed controller? Did you receive the rear axle also steered?

                Thank you

                Yours sincerely, Torsten


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                  If anyone has problems translating and you use Firefox web browser you can get this extension to translate the page or just copy and right click, then select which language to translate to and from.


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                    costs money

                    Thx Torsten


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                      Originally posted by Hyper8Dn View Post
                      costs money

                      Thx Torsten
                      No cost. Its free open source software! Firefox rules


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                        Die meinsten leute fur competition braucht integy 55T. Aber das ist nicht so schnell fur spielen im garten. Dann du brauchst eine 35T motor und macht das buggy schneller.

                        Fur wenich geld (20-30 $US) can man ein ESC haben. Es ist die V16r Bravo. Gut for garten spielen aber nicht so gut for competing. fur mehr geld (60-90 US$) die Rooster Crawler or Mamba sidewinder sind gut ESC's. Die mehr geld die besser qualitsch und mehr features(?). Dann du musst batteries, ein servo (oder mehr mit dig oder "rear steer"), und ein radio mit receiver.

                        Die hinten axle mit steering costet mehr... (~20 $US)

                        Hope this helps... and I hope you can read my german... but I figure if we can both speak a little of each others language we should be able to communicate!


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                          I have the program translator down geladen.Kann it is currently not benutzen.Muss me to worry about times.

                          Your German is really great.

                          The engine I have not actually welchen.Wollte with 55t nehmen.Aber if it is too slow with me 35.Wollte people from a forum together.

                          I would prefer a little more money than twice buy :-). Protzig Should not come over :-) OK?
                          So I would take one of those crawlers or Rooster Mamba sidewinder.
                          What speed controller (ESC) is better because of it?

                          Rooster crawler is the engine of this is well

                          Where can you buy the Mamba sidewinder?

                          If even with rear Lenkachse.Dadurch I have a better turning circle.

                          I have such a battery
                          servos here when I use this Hitec HS TG 5955 Digital or here Hitec HS 5645 MG Digital
                          I use this channel here

                          Thx for Help
                          Is this as good as I write?

                          Thx Torsten


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                            Sidewinder Esc

                            I would get the Sidewinder Unless it was the Novak Goat Brushless System. I have it and have had zero problems. The Sidewinder has multiple uses.


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                              Ok thanks :-). What about the engine?

                              Maybe 69 Fort Mustang v8 engine? Ne Scherz.Welchen engine do you have?

                              How are here

                              Novak Fifty-Five Turns 55 engine crawler Item number: 180281607201

                              Truck Puller data from 2 Torque (kt) 228 Nmm
                              ? speed 6,500 rpm


                              Yours sincerely, Torsten