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military MRAP buffalo aka bone crusher, mostly scratch 1/10

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  • military MRAP buffalo aka bone crusher, mostly scratch 1/10

    finally able to get started on this build, ive been wanting to do this for along time. I believe ive done enough research and download enough pictures to get start

    like all my builds it wil be r/c . ive scale this out to be a 1/10 which is really big, somt times I think I take in to much fumes . lol

    ive measured this out to be around 790mm, tires are 126mm using rc4wd 2.2 rims

    theres going to be a lot of 3 steps forward and many steps back . im going in 1/2 blind on this and don't know what walls I will be hitting. im assuming around 600 hours ,

    so this will be great winter coming build . well enjoy the movie and lets get started

    ive cut the frame rail, I some what know where the axles go, I need to make the lower hull 1st. ive started by intergrading the rails in the hull, starting from the front

    so far everything is located at the right height and right place , I do have to make some new frame rails as these are alittle short . but in the mean time I will work with these to see rear everything else goes . running from the front leaf to th axle is a stabilizer , I have to make these and the mounts

    stabilizers and front hangers are done

    transmission is in place and front drive is installed , working my way back , the transmission is a rc4wd r2 single speed with a 55 turn motor, I cut new frame rails at the correct length this time at 29.5 inches

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    had a chance to work on this alittle today
    ive added a crossmember in front of the transmission, added 55 turn motor and start with the slats on the side of the rails

    next I made a transmission cover , heres the basic piece. next I have to sand and detail alittle , and drill some mounting holes

    the trans cover and air vents are made and installed. have to go back and complete the sanding on them


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      wahoo! tires and rims are in

      ive started on the walker beam suspension, there is a lot of parts in volved , but heres the basics

      next Ive added a cross stabilizer

      drive shafts installed and a glimpse at it with tires on it

      today I started on the side nerf bars/protection rails

      cross members are glued and screwed, top rails are done, next I need 6 more fender post and then the chassis is ready for primer


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        the lower chassis is done , all running gear works good , everything is made to come apart and now its primed

        ive started on the upper hull, I wanted to do in a one piece, but again some where down the line I would need to take apart, but the cap/roof will be one piece . in side the hull I made 1/8 metal ribs, will cover with .040 plastic for interior

        I made a tire rack, the out is plastic but the inner parts are metal. it will hold with no problem


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          made the exhaust, was hoping to use the Tamiya big rig, but wrong, this is 2x the size, the main exhaust is 1 inch pipe . crazy big man .

          next is the windows

          started on the rear door

          made the inner door

          made the outer door

          working hinges and door latch is made

          worked on the rear bay

          also started on the interior panels

          worked on the rear bay today

          added ladder mounts , on top and bottom

          made a steering universal shaft box cover

          started on the forward inner hull


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            I wanted to put some brake drums on, o I modded some 1.7rims . these rim are the exact diameter as the 1:1.

            started on the grill backer

            so I had one of those 3 steps back , the airbrake containers under the axle were out of scale. must of forgot a number. anyway I had to make them 4 mm bigger,

            next ive added backers to the axles for the brakes . you can see them here looking at the axle to the drum

            I finally finisehed installing all the mud flap mounts , I bought some 1/16 thick 12x12 inch rubber sheet. it works perfect

            im getting close of finishing the lower hull and chassis , almost ready for paint


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              for me to put the top on, I need to make an inner structure, im using square stock with metal inserts, this will keep the structure strong and not bow after awhile .

              I started on the forward compartment

              I received in my sound and light kit. this all should fit in the engine compartment, the battery will go under the floor boards

              I scaled out the seats and seats mounts and there dead on, on difference in the seats is the backer is lot higher, but the width is the same

              after installing the seat something look off. I lost 8mm in between seat, not sure where, I look at some 1:1 interior, man! these guys cant even stand up in side without crouching, really tight inside, so maybe im not that far off .

              next I add the top middle bar, the outer roof skin, the inner top and add the 3rd window . I cant wait to get the hood on,



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                today I started on the top part of the hood and wind shield .

                I drilled 44 holes and installed 40 microscrews and made 4 lifting eyes

                the top grate/grill came out nice too



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                  I made the grill and made the hinges

                  hey its a working door



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                    today I made the air cleaner, wind shield wiper mounts and started on the right side hood

                    here I finished the right side



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                      damn, there goes a quick 3 cans of paint

                      I kept the drive shafts black, linkage black and painted the brake drums flat black . still need to paint the air containers

                      little by little she's coming back together , I cant paint the roof yet, as there is a lot of parts that I still need to make



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                        right fenders are on

                        for comparing to a 1/16 scale truck

                        these are the parts that I cut and put together for the platform . this is the right side that made today

                        here it is finished and painted

                        left side is done too

                        next I started on the roof top. there is 6 hatches to be cut and made .



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                          started on the hatches,

                          I started on the rear ladder, here i used hollow plastic tubing, solid metal rod for shaping and a threaded rod for mounting

                          upper and lower ladder is made, hinged and mounted, here it is pictured up

                          pictured down , now i need to sand and add diamond plate for steps

                          heres the 1:1


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                            I made the next part for the mirrors, its the outer casing, next is the inner mirror

                            added some stuff

                            both light buckets almost done

                            time to catch up on some painting



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                              a lot of painting to do and a lot of reassembling

                              did some painting, also waiting on a part for the neck

                              working on the second arm