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Filling shocks due to small leak

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  • Filling shocks due to small leak

    one of my shocks has leaked since new.

    It's a slow leak, so I haven't complained or anything.

    I bought some 80w shock oil because it's a crawler after all.

    slow acting shocks seem to stablilze the crawler...

    How do I burp the air after filling.

    I unscrewed the bottom of the resivour but the air is then forced uphill.

    What am I doing wrong ?

    I really love this crawler, so I want to stop the slow drip.

    It is embarassing to show to folks because that is the first question they ask, "Why is that shock wet ?".

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    Does it leak from shock body or from threads?

    When you refill it, put cap back on then back it off a few turns. Slowly compress shock so excess oil bleeds out through threads. Then retighten cap. If the oil is pressurized during use, it will blow out seals/leak. So its important to bleed shocks.

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