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1/18 RC4WD Bronco goes cabrio

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  • 1/18 RC4WD Bronco goes cabrio

    Hello Forum

    I think it is time to show you my build.
    Since a while i'm doing some bodywork on my 2nd 1/18 Bronco.

    I've cutted the roof away to get a Cabrio version.
    The rollbar is made of M3 rods, soldered together, wrapped with fabric tape and fixed on the interior.

    The interior is painted with acrylic-paint (my wife's Hobby parts), Looks now like fabric or leather texture.

    The nice driver lady is a "Bruder Toys" figure, part. no. 60408.
    To fit into the interior it must be cutted at "beltline", legs half to third sanded away.

    The body is fixed with a bodypost and spline in the front, and in the back fixed with a hinge.

    About electronics. The org. ESC and RX are changed to:
    - CTI THOR 15, or CTI THOR 14s ESC (external BEC is needed)
    - Spektrum SR200, or SR300, or Orange-Clones
    - UBEC external BEC

    Tires are changed to RC4WD Wranger MT/R.

    Some Pictures:

    Greetings Yves
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