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My RC4WD Gelande II, Black Jack, project "Ranger"

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  • My RC4WD Gelande II, Black Jack, project "Ranger"

    Hello Forum

    Since last spring this 1/18 is doing a great job.

    In between there have been some small mods:
    - sanded knuckles for more steering angle
    - changed electronics
    - replaced battery to the front
    - some lights

    The interior is painted with acrylic-paint (my wife's Hobby parts), Looks now like fabric or leather texture.

    The driver lady is a "Bruder Toys" figure set, part. no. 60030, including chainsaw, helmet and fuel can.
    To fit into the interior the figure is cutted at "beltline", legs half to third sanded away.

    The body is fixed with a bodypost and spline in the front, and in the back fixed with a hinge.

    About electronics, the org. ESC and RX are changed to:
    - CTI THOR 15, or CTI THOR 14s ESC (external BEC is needed)
    - Spektrum SR200, or SR300, or Orange-Clones
    - UBEC external BEC

    Tires are changed to RC4WD Wranger MT/R.

    Last summer, the Ranger was with me in vacation, on the island Tinos, Greece.
    There is a nice Video:

    About the mechanic figure; it's as well from "Bruder Toys", set with figure, Tools, jack's. Part. no. 62100.

    Greetings Yves
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