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  • Killer Krawler Build Thread

    I figured while I build the Killer that I would post photos and information for all to see. This is a really easy kit to assemble. Most of the items are already preassembled.

    First thing you notice when you recieve the box from RC4WD is the size. When you get the packaging off you notice the really cool black box with the chrome lettering that says KILLER KRAWLER. Amazing!!

    Open up the box to see the great packaging. RC4WD did a great job on this.

    Here are all the goodies.

    As you can below. Most of the parts are already preassembled. This makes assembly a breeze.


    Axle Assembly

    Upper Links

    Shocks (already filled with oil)

    Lower Links

    Hex/wheel hubs

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    All the screw/parts bags are numbered. This is a great feature. Hopefully more of the kits will come like this in the future.

    There are 4 bags.

    Even though the parts are already assembled. It is a good idea to take them apart and use threadlocker to reassemble. Since this kit is so large threadlocker will help keep all the screws tight and in there proper location.

    When installing the parts. Make sure to use threadlocker. This is very important.

    First I installed the hex/wheels hubs to the axle assemblies.

    Use (24) M3 X 12mm SHCS from Bag 1 for this assembly. There are 4 hubs to install. Use (6) screws for each hub.

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      that is awesome!!! i like watching things like this being built. loll.
      This is ME!
      This is RC Help Page


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        Installed the Shock Spacers next.

        Use (4) Threaded spacers and (4) M3 X 8mm SHCS from Bag 1.

        Then onto the body mounts.

        Use (4) M3 X 10mm SHCS from Bag 1 to install the mounts.

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          Now onto installing the Lower links to the chassis.

          You need to use (4) M3 X 20mm SHCS, (4) conical washers, and (4) M3 Nylock nuts from Bag 2.

          Make sure of the lower link direction.


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            Upper Link installation.

            Use (4) M3 X 10mm SHCS from Bag 2

            Here is the mount point for the upper links. This may need to be adjusted. Loosen the screws and adjust if needed.


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              Now we can install the shocks to the chassis and lower links.

              Use parts from Bag 3 for these two steps.

              We need the (4) White spacers, (4) Blue Conical washers, and (4) M3 X 16mm SHCS.

              Slide the White spacer into the shock top. Then put the Blue conical washer onto the other side. Install the screw into the washer and then into the aluminum shock mount that was installed earlier.

              Now you can use (4) M3 X 16mm SHCS and (4) M3 Nylock nuts to secure the shock bottom to the lower links. I installed the shock to the hole farthest from the chassis.


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                As you can see, this build is very quick. However, as I mentioned before. You will want to threadlock the assembled parts to ensure that the screws don't back out.

                Now we can install the axle assemblies.

                Use (8) M3 X 12mm SHCS from Bag 2.

                Here is what we have so far. Almost too big for my photo box.


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                  Big and Blingy!!! Nice Tom. You got rims and tires for it yet? Bring it to Toms so we can see it!


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                    Originally posted by roborg5000 View Post
                    Big and Blingy!!! Nice Tom. You got rims and tires for it yet? Bring it to Toms so we can see it!
                    Tires and wheels are next. Along with the electronics.

                    I'll bring it to Toms!!


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                      finally I see something like a guide assembly, a little late.


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                        Originally posted by Passik View Post
                        finally I see something like a guide assembly, a little late.
                        I wish I could have got to it sooner.


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                          Installed the servo. You have to provide your own hardware for this. THere is quite a bit of extra screws in the kit, whuch is alwasy nice. You can use these if you want.

                          I used (4) M3 X 10mm SHCS and (4) M3 flat washers.

                          First remove the cover plate. There are (4) Flat head socket screws holding this on.

                          Be careful with the placement of your servo on the plate. Need to note the position of your servo arm with the location of the steering link.

                          Here is the steering link. Once again I chose to use my own hardware to attach the steering link to the servo arm.

                          Now you can reinstall the servo plate into the truck. Use the flat head screws to attach the plate. (as always, remember threadlocker)

                          Side view of the linkage attached to the servo.


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                            I installed the motors next.

                            Included in part bag 4 is all the items you need for this step.

                            First install the pinions onto the motor with the set screw.

                            Use the clear cover plate, (2) motor screws, and (2) metal spacers to install each motor.

                            Insert the spacers into the clear cover.

                            Insert the screws into the plate and install into the holes on the gearbox. (note direction)

                            Slide motor in from the other side and tighten the screws. Make sure your motor tabs are easy to access.


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                              Wheels are pretty easy.

                              Remove the wheel nut.

                              Install the wheels and then tighten the wheel nut. (threadlocker is a good idea here)