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  • knight hauler build

    I have finished my trail finder 2 and have done all I can pretty much do to it to make as realistic as you can.
    I am now getting ready to start building a tamiya knight hauler and there is a great amount of highly detailed upgrades that are available, so I'm looking for some advice on what things are a good thing.
    I have been looking at the body that is from wedico because of the idea of it being metal and the doors opening,just the overall detail.
    Does anyone know if this idea will work on the chassie I have.
    Anyone out there with ideas to make this a very detailed build I would really appreciate the input.

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    What body are you looking at?


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      knight hauler build

      I was going to use the wedico body Freightliner cascade cuz of the amount of detail and the doors opening and the hood, but they want 550.00 bucks for it.
      I found this website from Germany and they have the most amazing detailed parts that are just to cool. The site is called it's in German language, so you have have Google translate it. But theses parts they have are like none I've found anywhere. They also have cat equipment. 10 grand for one but boy they are really amazingly real