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Cutting fenders and putting different fenders

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  • Cutting fenders and putting different fenders

    I am cutting out the from fenders of my knight hauler and cutting off the fenders of a king hauler and I want to glue, weld or how ever it's done to make them stay. What materials do I need to do such a job. I know how to do this in real life projects but this is plastic and I have never done this before. Can any of you guide me through the steps in making them welded in.

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    I'm by far no expert but if you have a good cut and some decent putty. I'm sure any plastic glue would work. Also have a look around on the forums lots of good people doing some amazing styrene work. (noob, imthatguy) are good guys to follow and could probably offer up some good help.


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      Here are a couple of quick tips:
      - Make your cuts as clean as possible so that you have as much contact area as possible.
      - Plastruct Bondene works very well to bond plastic to plastic. It works by essentially melting the very top layer of plastic allowing the pieces to be fused together. Apply in multiple passes to contact area on both sides and then clamp together to allow the plastic to fuse.
      - You can glue extra pieces of styrene inside the joint to give it more strength.
      - Contact adhesive (CA), Shoe Goo and E6000 (similar to Shoe Goo) are also good ways to reinforce a joint at places that won't be seen.

      There's a great stickie on RCC with a primer on which glues to use and when:

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