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Building up a T-Rex 60 Axle Set

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  • Building up a T-Rex 60 Axle Set

    I've been going back and forth with Rob today via e-mail and wanted to pose a question. I'll start by saying I have had an AX10 and now run a SCX10TR so I'm no stranger to the crawling world (and have been into RC for the last 20 years in off-road, on-road, drifting, etc.) and am familiar with all ends of building, repairing, and modifying RC cars.

    I have a Diaz chassis that I've been looking to build a scaler using a Hilux body and either a transfer case/transmission setup or an Axial transmission as my drive train. I'd like to use the T-Rex 60 axles with my Diaz as more of a scale/trail truck when I'm not running my main TR as my crawler. In reviewing what will be required to complete the T-Rex 60 axles, I'd need the following part numbers:

    Z-S0022 - Steering Kit
    X-0409 - Servo & Upper 4 Link mount - Qty x2

    In buying these items, I'd end up with three servo mounts (of which I only need one) in order to complete the axles, i.e. steering, servo mount, upper link mounts for finalized axles.

    I'm kind of throwing this over Rob's head to whomever is the person that sets up how items are packed together, as it seems really redundant to require someone to have three servo mounts in order to complete the axles. I guess that a dual-steering setup may have been in mind when packaging them together, but it still doesn't make much sense that the steering kit also comes with a servo mount.

    Am I the only person this doesn't make sense to? I have to say, RC4WD is on the forefront for crawlers in general, but is really the only company doing anything innovative for scale crawler kits/trucks/parts, etc. It just seems like the powers that be aren't really putting these packages together with the consumer in mind. I realize I could make my own steering links and save rather than buying the steering kit, but most builders and hobbyists will purchase components instead of making their own if the parts are readily available. Bottom line being I have to spend $70 to complete the axle set that costs $99 when they could reduce the price significantly if a package of two four-link mounts and steering links were available to the consumer without the unneeded parts.

    Am I off base here? Is there some other reasoning behind this? Help me out.

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    Thanks for you suggestion and support.

    We are listening, we will make some updates very soon.


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      Does that mean I should wait before I place my order?


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        i have the hilux with t-rexes on it, i put magnets on my extra servo mounts and put them on my fridge!


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          Wow bro. I feel you and you are to right. They are a business and they do it for a reason. I to Bought a set of trex 60s. Also to end up with extra parts after also purchasing the 4 link mounts. Its their rules man. We play "consumer". Step it up. I think you are a business man.