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Anyone having issues with there Worminator kit, please read here!

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  • Anyone having issues with there Worminator kit, please read here!


    In order to run the kit we have seen some things that need to be included in the kit. If you have received your kit from this point back, you may need these items.

    25:1 Gears for the axles.

    R2 Transmission

    20th pinion

    We recommend a Brushless system with a high output motor and a 3 cell Lipo for this kit.

    Even with these changes the crawler is designed for slow paced crawling. It is not designed to have any major "wheelspeed".

    If you need any upgrade parts to help you with your kit. Please send us an email at rcrock @ (remove the spaces before and after the @)

    Two important things to remember when sending the email for it to be handled properly. Make the attention to Tom. Make sure to include your order number.

    It will take us/me 2-3 days to return an email to you, but we will help you however we can.

    Thank you,

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    Hey Tom,
    I am assuming that you mean the R2 crawler trans, and not the R2 1:1 trans that came with it origanly?



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      New upgrades Worminator

      Hi Tom.

      I recently bought a Worminator that is on the way, I hope that arrive this friday, my question is if the upgrades that you mention comes with this new kit already or I have to request for them.

      The Power that I got is a Novak Goat 3S crawler with Ballistic 18.5 T, what you thing about this electronics for the worminator.